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Media Statements and Coverage



Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed On The Democratic Party

Matt Lamb’s Op-Ed On Judicial Activism

Unplanned Movie Challenge


Joint Op-Ed on Equal Rights Amendment

Statement On Mexico City Policy Enforcement

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed On Free-Speech

Kristan Hawkins Challenges Leana Wen To See ‘Unplanned’

Statement On Discharge Petition

Elizabeth Parker On Breitbart Radio

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed On Protect Life Rule


Statement On Cal-State Long Beach

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed On Heart-Attack Abortions

Matt Lamb’s Op-Ed On Cuomo and Northam

Statement On Protect Life Rule

Brenna Lewis’ Op-Ed On What Pro-Life Means

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed On Cuomo And Abusive Men

Announcing Gosnell Movie Screening

Statement on Trump’s State Of The Union 

Students for Life Launches C4, Targets Virginia Infanticide Legislation


Statement On Virginia Infanticide Law

Newsbusters Op-Ed About Covington Catholic

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed On SCOTUS And Down Syndrome Abortions

Brenna Lewis’ Op-Ed On Ending Abortion

Students for Life Opposes Everything Related To Abortion Act

Kristan Hawkins Op-Ed On Constitutional Rights

Statement On Abortion Funding In Budget Deal



Statement On Planned Parenthood Accusations

Statement On NIH Leader Collins

Statement On Fetal Tissue Research

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed On Defunding Planned Parenthood

Statement On Planned Parenthood SCOTUS Order

Statement On Renewed Abortion Drugs Legislation

Statement On Victory At University of Idaho


Statement On Planned Parenthood’s Legislative Agenda

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed on Isabella Chow

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed on Feminism and the Handmaid’s Tale

Students for Life Lists Out Five Ways Trump Can Defund Planned Parenthood

Pro-Life Gen Sees Hope in 2018 Results


Statement On Epidemic of Vandalism

SFLA Denounces Vandalism at SMU

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed on Media Coverage of March for Life

Statement On Planned Parenthood Banning SFLA at Ohio State

Statement On Women On The Web

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed on Lies Pro-Choice Politicians Tell

Statement On String Of Vandalism

Statement on Kavanaugh Confirmation

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed on Kavanaugh and #MeToo


Statement on HHS Ending Fetal Tissue Contract

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed on Leana Wen

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed on Kavanaugh

Reaction to MO 8th Circuit Win

Statement On New Planned Parenthood President

Kristan Hawkins’: Governor Brown Should Veto SB320 Op-Ed


Statement on Passage of Dangerous SB 320

SFLA To Counter Pro-Abortion Rallies

SB 320 Media Advisory

Kristan Hawkins’ Family Leave Op-Ed

Statement On Expectant Mother Parking Permits Victory

Statement on FDA Buying Aborted Fetal Tissue

Students for Life Condemns Theft at #Justice4Life Tour


Tomi Lahren Op-Ed on Roe v. Wade

Students for Life Launching SCOTUS Van Tour

Statement on SCOTUS Nominee Kavanaugh

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed on ACLU


Statement on Kennedy Retirement

Statement on NIFLA Victory

Vandalism at Western Washington

Kristan Hawkins Op-Ed on Birth Control

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed in National Review

Statement on SCOTUS Decision In Azar v. Garza.


Statement on Arkansas Abortion Drug Decision

Statement on Ireland Loss

WSJ Op-Ed: Kristan Hawkins on Free-Speech

Students for Life Praises New Title X Proposal

Students for Life Supports New ORR Rules

Planned Parenthood Greed on Display

SFLA Joins Calls to Restore Pro-Life Title X Regulations


Op-Ed on Socialized Medicine and the Pro-Life Movement

Kristan Hawkins on Fox News

University of New Mexico’s Arbitrary Free-Speech Rules

Second ‘Toilet Rally’ to be Held in California

Response to New Poll on Abortion

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed on Pope Francis’ Exhortation

The College of New Jersey Vandalism Statement

Fresno State Vandalism Statement

Thank You To Pro-Life Walkout Participants

Pre-Walkout Statement

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed on Plan B

Media Advisory on Cecile Richards Book Tour


SFLA Pledges Support For Pro-Life Walkout

William McGurn Full Speech and Video From Gala

Statement on Lipinski Victory

Reaction to ‘Abortion Safety Study’

Media Advisory: NIFLA v. Becerra

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed in Response to WaPo Op-Ed

Free Speech Victory at Miami University-Hamilton

Wall Street Journal’s Bill McGurn to Speak at SFLA Gala

Statement Supporting Defunding Planned Parenthood

Townhall Op-Ed: ACLU Wants to Party Like It’s 1973

Statement on Margaret Sanger Poster Removal

Statement on West Virginia Ballot Initiative

Announcing 5-State Targeted Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood


Statement On Justice For Jane

Reaction to Racist Roots of Planned Parenthood Event

Media Coverage of Vandalization at Lewis Central High School

Statement on Death of Billy Graham

We Care Tour Announcement

Statement on Vandalization at Bellarmine University

Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed on SB 320


Kristan Hawkins interview on National Public Radio

Statement on Cecile Richards’ Resignation

Statement on Twenty-Week Abortion Ban

Anna Arend, Northern California Regional Coordinator, SB 320 Testimony