SFLA says the Leniency Extended to a Machete Wielding Professor Should be Extended to Pro-Life Americans, at a Bare Minimum 

Kristi Hamrick - 04 Oct 2023

“The lenient plea deal reached for a New York City professor who attacked a Students for Life display, as well as a New York Post Reporter with a machete, allows her to walk away from her self-inflected chaos in a year,” notes SFLA’s Kristan Hawkins. “We call on Joe Biden’s Justice Department to use that same approach instead of the two-tier system of justice approach to PEACEFUL pro-life Americans. Our students can’t be the only ones surprised that using chalk in our nation’s Capital seemed a bigger deal than wielding a weapon.  

“Consider that a father of seven defending his son went to trial facing 11 years in prison while a machete wielding professor gets counseling? While eight pro-life activists face decades behind bars. Merrick Garland’s Pro-Abortion, In-Justice Department is out of control.”  

Former Hunter College Professor Shellyne Rodriguez gets sweetheart deal from events earlier this year. Students at her new school are “Shocked” at her hiring. Read more here. 

WASHINGTON D.C. (10-04-2023) – A former Hunter College Professor Shellyne Rodriguez got a sweetheart deal recently for events that began when she verbally assaulted and trashed a Students for Life of America event at Hunter College as well as an alleged attack with a machete against a New York Post reporter who dared to ask questions about her harassment. In response, Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins said that this case illustrates a biased justice system.  

“A professor was caught on tape harassing students as well as seen going after the reporter, but that was handled as a misdemeanor in New York City. And just as concerning, the activist ‘professor’ has a new position with students at Cooper Union. Meanwhile, the Biden-Harris Administration is weaponizing the law to turn pro-life activism into felonies, an incredible misuse of the rule of law. Rather than punishing people for what they think, law enforcement must address what people do.”  

Click here to see: VIDEO: Fetusphobic Professor Becomes Unhinged Over Peaceful Pro-life Students on Campus, Destroys Display  

Hunter College Junior Patrick Rubi discussed his experience with the professor on FOX Ingraham Angle here.   

Earlier in the process, Hawkins noted: “The New York Post story illustrates what the Pro-Life Gen is dealing with on a daily basis…unhinged, unreasonable, and aggressive opposition to pro-life free speech including from those in leadership at schools across the country,” said Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins. “Free speech rights students are afraid to use don’t exist, which is why we have to keep fighting for our Constitutional freedoms.”   

During that same visit to Hunter College, a student stole a fetal model, chewed on it, and returned after turning it into a “project” designed to look like an aborted infant.   

WATCH: Pro-Abortion New York College Student Steals Fetal Model, Chews it Up, & Paints Fake Blood on It  

“Eating plastic fetal models is a recent trend on campuses,” noted Hawkins. “I know people complain about school food, but this is ridiculous.” 

Just days ago, this took place: Abortion Supporters Mobbed Me, Ate a Preborn Baby Model, & Jumped on the Police Car I Escaped In   

SFLA has been highlighting the Department of In-Justice. For example: After a number of Pro-Life activists were convicted in D.C. for their protest at a late-term abortion facility, SFLA again called for the repeal of the FACE Act. Read more here:  SFLAction Calls for the end of the FACE Act that Represents the “Long-Term Hostility of Democrats in Our Nation’s Capital to Peaceful Pro-Life Citizens”  

On attacks on Pro-Life Free Speech and Free Expression: 

Last school year, violation of pro-life student free speech TRIPLED, now including the infamous events at Hunter College in New York.  

Read more here from an SFLA student, at FOX: Pro-abortion radicals want me to be ‘raped’ and ‘killed’ just because I’m a pro-life college student 

I was bombarded with more than 20,000 messages after a pro-abortion comedian bashed me on TikTok 

Horrific Highlights from the last school year include:    

As Hawkins wrote in an op-ed at Newsweek, the violence of abortion can be seen more and more in the violence of abortion supporters. She observed: “Sadly, the public discourse is changing for the worse, as peaceful protests turn more frequently into confrontations. Threats and acts of violence against pro-life activists are becoming increasingly common. Students for Life students and team members have endured everything from physical attacks and arson to bomb threats and intimidation, making security issues a vital concern and expense for pro-life events. When Justice Brett Kavanaugh—who was seen as a possible pro-life vote—was confirmed to the Supreme Court, protestors stormed the Court, banging on the doors. Outside the U.S., violent protests broke out in Poland and Latin America when those countries contemplated pro-life policies. Antifa has protested my own speaking tours and recently the Chicago March for Life

“Some abortion supporters are pairing their advocacy for the violence of abortion with violent acts, which have a definite chilling effect on public discourse that must be overcome. When people are afraid to use their free speech rights, those rights don’t truly exist.” 

MEDIA NOTE: Hawkins is schedule to speak at Hunter College on October 18. 

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