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20 May 2023

Baby Born Four Months Premature with Severe Complications Grows Up and Gets Drafted to the NFL

Dana Stancavage | May 20, 2023
GUEST POST: Derick Hall has garnered national attention in the football world as a linebacker at Auburn University. This year, he was selected in the second round of the NFL draft to join the Seattle Seahawks. As incredible as it is for any young man to be picked in the NFL draft, Hall’s story is even more unlikely. Hall, now
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08 May 2023

WATCH: Pro-Abortion New York College Student Steals Fetal Model, Chews it Up, & Paints Fake Blood on It

Caroline Wharton | May 8, 2023
It can be hard to be pro-life on campus anywhere, and in pro-abortion states like New York, it takes special determination to stay strong in the face of abortion supporters who steal your property and then…well, chew it up. Students for Life of America (SFLA) team members recently experienced a pro-abortion student pocketing items from their display to put into
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15 Sep 2022

SFLAction Calls on Veterans Administration to Drop “Unlawful & Unethical” Plan to Force Abortion into Veterans Service in States where Preborn Life is Protected

Kristi Hamrick | September 15, 2022
“The Biden Administration again proves that safe, legal, and rare is their ghost of abortion policy past while unlawful, unethical, and unlimited abortion is their present obsession,” said Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins. “But as 40 pro-life leaders already told Congress, misusing federal lands to break state laws will be opposed and is not legal, though it seems
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