Students for Life of America began as a volunteer, student-led organization called American Collegians for Life in 1988. It remained so and grew steadily until 2006 when it launched as a full-time 501c-3 organization, changed its name to Students for Life of America, and hired Kristan Hawkins as president.

What started out as a handful of full-time staff working with fewer than 100 pro-life student groups has blossomed into a massive pro-life organization that employs more than 90 part and full-time staff and serves over 1,400 pro-life student groups.

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What Drives Us

Every day, thousands of lives are lost to abortion in the United States, with over 340,000 committed every year by Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion vendor. The abortion lobby has moved more and more radical in their messaging and strategies; gone is the guise of “safe, legal, and rare” as we enter the #ShoutYourAbortion era.

Planned Parenthood has a collection of celebrities, politicians, and other public figures in their pocket, out there doing their dirty work for them. With almost 80% of Planned Parenthood facilities located within five miles of a college campus, it is clear they are targeting young people to continue their predatory business.

Students for Life has been called to combat this anti-life culture. We resist the notion that women need abortion. We resist the abortion industry’s constant claim, circulating like a broken record, that women aren’t strong enough to embrace both their children and their education. And we resist the idea that women’s rights involve forcibly taking someone else’s away.

Young people are the key to changing culture, and we must invest in them now to abolish abortion. There are thousands of babies dying and women being wounded at the hands of the abortion industry daily. This violence, injustice, and inhumanity is what the Pro-Life Generation is fighting tirelessly to end.

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