What Your Group Can Do

The 5 Pillars of Activism

Once you’ve learned about abortion and realized you feel called to do something about it, you’re probably wondering how you can make a difference. There are MANY different ways you can take action to protect the preborn. Students for Life has adopted what we call The 5 Pillars of Activism which help the Pro-Life Generation take a well-rounded, effective approach to abolishing abortion. Read More

Educate Your Campus & Community

Effective Education is the pillar Students for Life of America specializes in. It’s all about sharing what you know about abortion in a way that changes the hearts and minds of other students (or community members). This can be done using displays, speakers, tabling, flyering, and other outreach. Read More


Engage in Politics

Public Policy is a pillar Students for Life of America engages in by organizing lobby days, going to the Supreme Court to support or oppose life-related cases, and much more. Read More


Support Moms in Need

Supportive Services is another pillar Students for Life of America specializes in – but for us, it’s under an initiative called Standing With You (formerly known as Pregnant on Campus). This program is all about making sure that young women are empowered to embrace both their children and their education. Read More


Reduce the Supply & Demand of Abortion

Industry Impact deals directly with Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry. Part of making abortion unthinkable is educating and encouraging potential abortion customers that there are better options for them. Read More


Respond to Abortion Events

Rapid Response is a pillar that weaves its way through all the others. It’s about always being ready to jump into action when something pertaining to abortion is going on. Read More



Your Group

Organizing and activating a Students for Life group is a big job - but we've got you covered. Explore our time-tested tips for the practical side of managing your Students for Life group.
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