Free Speech

Pro-Life Legal Help

If you think your rights are being violated on campus, contact SFLA for strategic and legal help, and watch the below video about knowing your legal rights.

Email [email protected] with information about your concern. Or, call our office: (540) 834-4600

Don’t let your school suppress your rights. Be courageous and stand up for yourself… so that you can stand up for the preborn.

Check out this letter from our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom about your rights at a public university.

Students for Life of America is proud to stand up for free-speech rights. Bernadette Tasy, a former student at Fresno State, is just one of our legal victories.

Free Speech Guide

Pro-life speech is protected under the First Amendment and cannot be restricted on public campuses. Here is what you should know about free speech.

What Your Public School CANNOT Do

What YOUR Rights Are

Do you think your free speech has been violated? Let us know! Email [email protected].