Students for Life of America exists to 

Recruit, Train, & Mobilize the Pro-Life Generation to

abolish abortion.

Students for Life of America launched full-time in August 2006 with the hiring of Kristan Hawkins. Thanks to an angel investor, our organization was able to grow rapidly with the mission to build and become the voice of the Pro-Life Generation.

For the first several years of our organization, we were focused on growing the number and quality of Students for Life groups on college, high school, and graduate campuses. However, simply starting Students for Life groups is not our mission. Abolishing abortion is.

Students for Life has grown up to become one of the leading pro-life advocacy organizations in the world, driving the narrative for the entire movement and leading by example. Our staff size and budget is one of the largest in the entire pro-life movement. And our reach and success are recognized movement-wide.

We are humbled to report that a pro-life advocate cannot go to a pro-life march or any other event without witnessing our legacy of joyful, hopeful, young people proudly waving our signature black-and-white “I am the Pro-Life Generation” signs.

Impacting Campuses & Communities

advocates trained since 2006
online conversations this year
campus groups we serve
of those we speak with
change their minds
in earned media
last year
raised by students last year
to help moms in need

No other pro-life organization can mobilize more quickly and with more grassroots pro-life activists than Students for Life. We currently serve more than 1,245 campus groups in all 50 states and have trained more than 127,000 young people.

Our Standing With You Initiative, which helps student parents embrace both their children and their education and empowers Students for Life groups to support their pregnant & parenting peers in tangible ways, is the most unique and widespread program of its kind and serves over 1,000 women and families every year.

Our Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement is committed to researching the best ways to communicate our philosophically and scientifically-sound opposition to abortion in order to win this generation to our anti-abortion movement and has played a key role in shaping the messaging the entire pro-life movement uses to abolish abortion.

Students for Life currently reaches an audience of more than 2 million each week through our social media channels. Our constant presence on campuses as well as our rapid mobilizations allow us to respond in communities across America to support pro-life initiatives or oppose abortion extremism earning us more than $52 million in traditional media coverage each year. This year, our team averaged a 31% mind-change rate (an abortion supporter switching from identifying as pro-choice to pro-life) with our online campaigns and 25% mind-change rate from our on-campus outreach.

Since our launch 15 years ago, we have been focused on leading, mobilizing, and transforming young people across America for what will happen the day after Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton are reversed and the decisions about abortion’s legality returns to the states. At that moment, 50 individual state battles will begin, and the pro-life movement must have trained, easy-to-mobilize activists to lead the charge to abolish abortion in their states and promote the non-violent alternatives already available to women in crisis.

This is the Pro-Life Generation.


Field Team

What sets Students for Life apart from other organizations is our full-time Field Team who travel daily in their respective regions visiting campuses to start, train, and mobilize Students for Life groups. When Regional Coordinators step onto a campus, they go beyond simply helping to establish a pro-life group. They create a lasting legacy that is transforming our nation toward a culture of life.

Leadership Development

Students for Life is committed to developing and sending out strong leaders for the pro-life movement and other culture-impacting industries. We have developed a handful of fellowship opportunities designed to mentor and prepare our student leaders for full-time pro-life missions. Learn more about each program here.

Grassroot Mobilizations

When Roe v. Wade is reversed, Students for Life will be the only entity with a trained and experienced army of ground troops ready to engage. Our three key objectives for the grassroots army we have built are to end Planned Parenthood’s influence in schools, end student abortions, and develop lifetime leaders.