Students FAQ

What is a Students for Life Group?

A Students for Life group is an official pro-life campus organization (formally recognized by the school) on a middle school, high school, college, or graduate school campus that has a working relationship with Students for Life of America.

Currently, Students for Life serves over 1,250 campus groups nationwide and has trained over 100,000 students on pro-life topics.


What if I Home School?

Established co-ops of home schooling students can also form Students for Life groups that are entitled to the same training, resources, and personalized help other groups receive from Students for Life.

Who From SFLA Will Help My Group?

Students for Life of America has a full-time Field Team made up of dozens of Regional Coordinators. Students for Life of America has divided up the country into “regions” and each one has its own Regional Coordinator. Check the map on our home page to find yours!

Can SFLA Help Me with a Big Idea?

Yes! If you have a big idea that you think could shape the pro-life movement, head over here to learn how you could get your project funded, mentored, and accelerated.

Does it Cost Money to be a Students for Life Group?

No – everything Students for Life of America provides to campus groups comes free of charge (with the exception of special opportunities like mission trips). This includes material pro-life resources, access to displays, pro-life training, and personal guidance from an SFLA Regional Coordinator.

Can Students for Life of America Tell My Group What To Do?

No, your Students for Life group is an autonomous entity. We are always here for help and support, but you are in charge. The only thing we have some say in is how the name “Students for Life” is used, as it is a registered trademark. Your Regional Coordinator will discuss this with you upon the formation of a new Students for Life group.

Is There Anything I Can’t Do?

SFLA and SFL Action policy addresses our position against acts or threats of violence in our student training. To join an SFLA affiliated group or activity, students and team members must agree to not engage in the following behaviors: (1) participate in any violent non-compassionate outreach; (2) violate any local, state, or national laws or regulations.