Post-Roe Generation Innovators

Students for Life of America (SFLA) is looking for innovative ideas in need of development, mentorship, & funding. This program is for college-aged and recent post-graduate leaders to be mentored through the development of a big idea that will impact and shape the pro-life movement. Receive mentorship, project support, and funding for your big idea! Students and recent graduates accepted to the Post-Roe Generation Accelerator Program will receive a scholarship to launch a small-scale version of their project. All finalists will receive $1,000 to launch a small scale of the project to test your idea. After one year of mentorship, and project support, finalists will present their project for a chance to receive up to $30,000 in funding to expand the project on a national scale. 

This program is open to college juniors up to two years post-graduate who have an idea that can improve one of five key areas within the pro-life movement:

  1. Improves the pro-life brand to be positive, life-affirming, and dependable.

  2. Prepares for a post-Roe America.

  3. Creates a long-term strategic campaign to further one of the Five Pillars of Pro-Life Activism.

  4. Creates leadership opportunities or builds leadership within the pro-life movement.

  5. Increases awareness of life-affirming resources on a community or national level.

Apply below to become an Innovator!
Applications are open January 2nd-March 31st

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