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Door Knocking for Death: Planned Parenthood Apes the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities in the Creepiest Way

Imitation is the highest form of flattery — but Students for Life of America (SFLA) would be okay without this recent, somewhat backhanded compliment from Planned Parenthood. Apparently, SFLA’s Campaign for Abortion Free Cities initiative inspired the abortion giant to copy our community outreach, but their door knocking for death efforts are seriously creepy. Here’s what you need to know:  SFLA’s Campaign for Abortion Free
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Politico is on Point: The Pro-Life Generation Has Zeroed in on Ohio Issue 1, Aiming for a Victory for Life

A recent Politico piece reminded readers that in just four weeks, Ohioans will vote on the extreme abortion ballot initiative Issue 1, which threatens to enshrine abortion into the state constitution and strip parental rights — and in the meantime, the Pro-Life Generation is working overtime to educate voters.  Author Alice Miranda Ollstein noted in her article, “Ohio has the only state referendum
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The Term “Pro-Life” Fits Our Movement Like a Glove: Here’s Why

There’s been chatter in the news lately about a messaging shift away from term “pro-life” as some politicians consider alternative titles for our life-affirming values. While creativity shouldn’t be stifled, we’re not so sure there’s a better descriptor out there. When you consider the term “pro-life” and what our movement actually stands for, the two seem to fit together like Cinderella and
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