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One More Time: Kamala Harris Returns to North Carolina & Students for Life of America Will Rally Outside Her Latest Abortion Tour Stop  

“You might think it’s Groundhog Day as Vice President Kamala Harris makes yet another last-minute visit to North Carolina – but it’s just another sad and futile attempt to shift the focus away from the Biden Administration’s flailing presidential campaign and defeats on the debate stage, the court room, and the public opinion polls,” said Kristi Hamrick, Students for Life
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Students for Life of America Will Rally Outside Kamala Harris’ Latest & Desperate Abortion Tour Stop in North Carolina While Biden’s Campaign Flounders 

“The Biden Administration continues to attempt distraction from their awful governance, terrible debate performance, and radically extreme pro-abortion agenda with this latest PR stunt in North Carolina,” said Kristi Hamrick, Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) Vice President of Media & Policy. “The Pro-Life Generation has showed up at more than 10 campaign stops reminding voters that the Biden-Harris campaign
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Supreme Court Finds that “Federal Agencies Are Not God”: A Warning Shot to Other Out-of-Control Agencies Like the FDA

“Federal agencies have used a legal principle known as Chevron deference to make radical regulations with the power of laws without opposition based on the idea that agency ‘experts’ know best. They don’t,” said Students for Life of America’s Kristan Hawkins. “That abuse of power extends throughout the government. And when it comes to Chemical Abortion Pill policy in particular, getting rid
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