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SHOCKING: New York Times Finally Finds Puberty Blockers “Concerning”

After years of the Left denying that “gender-affirming care” is dangerous for individuals, the New York Times has recently put out a report showing otherwise, detailing the harms that have been previously ignored by mainstream media and starting a firestorm of responses. The article is particularly threatening for abortion vendor Planned Parenthood which moonlights as the second largest provider of
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NEW REPORT: Students for Life Finds More Than 10 Christian Universities Still Have Not Cut Ties with Planned Parenthood

Since Students for Life of America’s (SFLA) Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement launched its Christians Schools Project a year ago, its research has analyzed and rated 784 Christian schools. The objective? Urging more Christian universities to cut ties with America’s leading abortion vendor, Planned Parenthood.    Through education and communication with SFLA, we’ve reported that 40 Christian colleges and universities broke
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Check Out the Newest Abortion Documentary, Starring the Pro-Life Generation

In a time when most abortion coverage by the mainstream media is flagrantly pro-abortion, you may be interested in seeing the newest documentary on the abortion divide in America because it’s certainly not what you would expect. Although the film ‘Battleground’ was produced by a pro-abortion director, it shows the Pro-Life Generation front and center in a very positive way
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