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Widespread Chemical Abortion Pill Pushing and Plans for a ‘Misinformation’ Czar, America Needs a National Abortion Reporting Law

Kristi Hamrick - 03 Nov 2022

“Every day we hear that President Biden and his allies are relying on abortion to save their election outcomes. Isn’t it time our nation saw the verifiable facts about what they are selling?” said SFLAction’s Kristan Hawkins. 

WASHINGTON, D.C. (11-02-2022) – Students for Life Action President Kristan Hawkins said this week that given President Biden’s reliance on “safe” abortion as his party’s one and only agenda in this election “surely the President and his political team will join the #ProLifeGen in calling for a National Abortion Reporting Law. If abortion is as ‘safe’ as Planned Parenthood says, then reporting outcomes should be a bi-partisan measure. Just this week we learned that there are plans for a ‘misinformation’ czar on abortion, but whose facts will this bureaucrat use when blocking abortion speech? Given current online censorship, we have every reason to fear that we will face prejudice for our pro-life views. 

“All we really know about abortion in America is what abolitionists tell us, and some states, like California report no data at all. If Planned Parenthood and their political friends believe in their billion-dollar money maker, they should have no problem providing full information to women.” 

Reasons for reporting requirement

“Consider that the abortion industry drags its feet on self-reporting their abortion data, making us wait years for news of the number of lives lost, yet they had no problems getting a report together say that possibly 10,000 lives have been saved since Roe v. Wade was thrown out as the garbage decision it always was. If Corporate Abortion can track the number of abortions, they can track the outcomes of those abortions. Women deserve to know what they are being sold.” 

Just this week:  

  • International Abortion Pill Pusher, Rebecca Gomperts issued a report saying abortion pill use is up.
  • “House Democrats are pushing to create a new senior official at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) who would monitor and respond to public ‘misinformation’ about abortion access and other reproductive and sexual health services,” reports Fox.  
    • Whose “facts” will be used? Pro-life physicians, biologists, or abortionists?  
  • President Biden and his team continue to prioritize abortion as their “top priority next year,” notes the AP
    • Who should women sue when acting on false assurances of safety should they lose their ability to have children?  

Students for Life Action is calling for bi-partisan support for a National Abortion Reporting Law so that we can debate the issue of abortion with verifiable information, available to all.  

Reasons for reporting requirement


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