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03 May 2021

Why It Matters When Christian Colleges and Universities Partner with Planned Parenthood

Samantha Kamman | May 3, 2021
  SFLA is in the midst of conducting ongoing research into the relationship between numerous Christian colleges and universities with the Planned Parenthood abortion corporation. Our research has found that Christian colleges and universities that partner with Planned Parenthood often do so in the form of promoting the abortion giant as a student resource, internship opportunity, or even an event
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29 Apr 2021

Ethical Concerns Raised Over Attempts to Abolish 14-Day Limit on Embryo Experimentation

Autumn Doersching | April 29, 2021
Blog by Samantha Kamman. For the last 40 years, the “14-Day rule” has provided some regulation on unethical experimentation on embryonic human children. Under the limit, scientists cannot allow human embryos to develop beyond two weeks in their lab. But according to a report from Technology Review last March, The International Society for Stem Cell Research is working to revoke
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17 Aug 2020

Video from Live Action Exposes the Pro-Choice Billionaires Behind the Abortion Movement 

SFLA Staff | August 17, 2020
“The Billionaires Behind Abortion” video released by Live Action is part of their “Abortion Pill Kills” exposé, which seeks to warn people about the lethality of chemical abortions. Why is such a dangerous drug being prescribed to women when millions of innocent preborn children and their mothers have been victimized by the abortion pill? The eight-minute video sheds light on the wealthy men
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