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16 Jan 2024

New SFLA/SFLAction YouGov Poll Shows the YOUTH VOTE Open to Pro-Life Perspectives; Supports Services for Mothers; & Rejects the Biden Administrations’ Radical Agenda 

Kristi Hamrick | January 16, 2024
LESS THAN 1 IN 10 HOLD THE SAME VIEWS AS DEMOCRATIC PARTY LEADERSHIP  MORE THAN 9 IN 10 REJECT THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATIONS’ RECKLESS CHEMICAL ABORTION POLICIES  MORE THAN HALF (54%) SAID LEGAL RIGHTS BEGIN IN THE WOMB  “Reaching the key voting bloc that is the Youth Vote doesn’t mean running away from the issue of abortion. It means talking specifically
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15 Jan 2024

Meet the Pro-Life Generation Student Leader Speaking at the National Pro-Life March: Dominick Tolentino!  

Caroline Wharton | January 15, 2024
The 2024 annual Washington D.C. pro-life march is coming up shortly, and Students for Life of America (SFLA) is extremely proud to have one of our own students representing the Pro-Life Generation on the speaker list. The theme for this 51st March — “With Every Woman, For Every Child” — beautifully illustrates SFLA’s goal to see life protected in both
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11 Jan 2024

SFLA Unveils THREE Political Powerhouse Speakers for 2024 National Pro-Life Summit: Addressing HOW Equal Rights for All becomes LAW & POLICY

Kristi Hamrick | January 11, 2024
Vice President Mike Pence, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), & Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) Added to Roster of All-Star Speakers  “As the pro-life movement continues to gain traction in this Post-Roe America, I am excited to once again have Vice President Mike Pence and Representatives Chip Roy and Bob Good address the nation’s leading pro-life training event with their plans for innovative, pro-life
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