SFLA Launches Toolkit Equipping Students to Oppose Plan B Vending Machines that Expose their Peers to Risks from Abusers to Incurable Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

Kristi Hamrick - 12 Jul 2023

“Part of our back-to-school preparations includes getting ready to educate students on how to confront the many bad ideas Planned Parenthood brings to campus,” said Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins. “Pushing deadly drugs that expose students to known and deadly risks next to candy and soda is a mistake no university needs to make. Medical care demands caring about what happens next.”  

TODAY AT FOX: Hawkins details “the recent obsession with putting Plan B Vending Machines on college and university campuses as some kind of miracle drug in a post-Roe America. Anti-baby, anti-family bias permeates many campuses exposing students to risks and dangers they are either not told about or told to ignore.”  

WASHINGTON D.C. (07-12-2023) – One of the many bad ideas pushed as a result of an anti-baby bias on campuses — Plan B Vending machines – exposes students to so many risks Students for Life of America created a special educational product to fight back. Students for Life of America Kristan Hawkins said that the newly revamped Plan B Toolkit would be made available to all the more than 1,400 SFLA groups nationwide as back-to-school preparations are underway.   

In an opinion piece at FOX today headlined “Abortion-by-vending-machine is much worse than it sounds”, Hawkins reported: “This bad idea is gaining traction, which Students for Life of America has confronted from sea to shining sea, in FloridaMassachusettsWashington and beyond … Fox reports, ‘There are now 39 universities in 17 states with emergency contraceptive vending machines, and at least 20 more considering them, according to the American Society for Emergency Contraception.’  

She continued: “The social construct of the abortion lobby preaches that the only ‘bad’ consequence of sex is the presence or absence of a baby. This is leading to the casual distribution of Plan B exposing young women to dangerous people, to unknown physical consequences, and to the current epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) … It’s a bit schizophrenic for campuses to condemn rape culture and sexual pressure, grappling with Title IX protections for the abused, while also ensuring that sexual bullies have easy access to a product that covers up their crimes. A medical community that cared about women would want to make sure women were not being coerced and fully informed about the drugs offered. Instead, news sites are littered with stories of abusers using the drugs to hide from their crimes.    

… When it comes to sex, school officials seem determined to assume that while teaching the next generation is their job of choice, they can’t explain good relationship advice or health information that doesn’t embrace a Planned Parenthood mindset.  

… Consider that today, one in five Americans has an STD, according to the CDC. About half of new cases are suffered by the college age cohort with a cost of $16 Billion in direct medical care costs. Add to that the epidemic of new cases, with some drug resistant and incurable, and the social costs of pretending that pregnancy is the only impact really add up.    

That’s not the approach taken with other known – even dangerous – behaviors among college students. Despite their defeatist attitudes on sex, schools don’t offer drunk driving classes, BYOB, so students can practice avoiding pedestrians.”  

To learn more about Plan B, and its capacity to end preborn life, click here to watch Hawkins analyze the packaging. To view Hawkins debating the issue at FOX, click here.   

To read a petition used at Miami University of Ohio by students opposing Plan B Vending machines, click here.   

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