Students for Life of America’s ‘Campaign for Abortion Free Cities’ Condemns Pueblo City Council for Indefinitely Tabling Pro-Life Ordinance 

Caroline Wharton - 13 Dec 2022

“The residents of Pueblo faced an aggressive abortion bully as they came together to fight for life, but the abortion lobby has once again imposed their bottom line to the detriment of a community’s wishes by tabling this ordinance,” said SFLA Campaign for Abortion Free Cities Community Organizer Mary Curtis. “However, the fight in Pueblo is far from over, and our pro-life coalition will continue in efforts to free this community from the violence of abortion.”

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PUEBLO, COLORADO, and WASHINGTON D.C. (12-12-2022) — Students for Life of America’s Campaign for Abortion Free Cities initiative condemns the Pueblo, Colorado, city council’s recent tabling of a pro-life ordinance as out of step with the community’s wishes. The proposed Sanctuary City for the Unborn Ordinance would have restricted the operation of abortion facilities, such as an incoming late-term abortion facility operated by the infamous Dr. LeRoy Carhart, but despite a clear community consensus in favor of this ordinance, the city council has moved in step with the abortion lobby by indefinitely tabling the measure.

This ordinance would have made it illegal to have abortion tools or abortion drugs delivered within the city limits and was similar to the Texas Heartbeat Bill as it allows private citizens to sue anyone who breaks this law by obtaining such tools or drugs for the specific purpose of abortion. Lawsuits are punishable by at least $100,00 in damages. The Pueblo ordinance also specified that fertility treatments, contraception, miscarriage treatment, and ectopic pregnancy treatments are not defined as abortion and therefore will be unaffected by this measure. 

In efforts to pass this ordinance, the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities joined forces with Mark Lee Dickson, Forge Pueblo, and other supportive pro-life groups and churches. This pro-life coalition worked together to educate Pueblo residents and city council members on the ordinance by hosting an educational forum earlier this month which had approximately 400 residents in attendance.

Along with other pro-lifers, SFLA Midwest Regional Manager Sarah Zarr spoke to the crowd, as a native of Pueblo. Other SFLA staffers were also in attendance handing out signs and connecting personally with the residents. Students for Life Action also distributed a petition in support of the pro-life ordinance. 

Curtis stated, “While the ordinance was tabled tonight, the battle is far from over. The Campaign for Abortion Free Cities along with other local pro-life organizations and churches will continue to work to ensure that No Woman Stands Alone. We also applaud and thank the city council members who have been supportive of the Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinance. They have put in countless hours and withstood pushback even at a national level. In contrast, the city council members in opposition showed a callous disregard for life. Nevertheless, our work is not over in Pueblo. We will continue to expose the abortion industry, as well as promote life-affirming resources for mothers and their preborn children.”

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