Who Are Today’s Abortionists?


Meet Kermit Gosnell
. Kermit Gosnell

In May of 2013, Gosnell was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for killing a mother, Karnamaya Mongar, during an abortion, guilty of first-degree murder for three babies born alive then killed after birth in his abortion facility, and guilty of over 200 other crimes.[i] When police raided his facility, they described it as a “House of Horrors” finding dozens of jars of severed baby feet; cat urine and feces all over the medical facility; bloody, rusty, and unworkable medical instruments; separate waiting rooms for black and white women; and milk jugs stuffed with aborted babies in the same refrigerator staff kept their lunches. Read the Grand Jury report here.

At the time of his arrest, Gosnell was making more than $1.8 million per year from committing abortions.[ii] And because of lax abortion laws in Pennsylvania, no inspectors had visited Gosnell’s abortion facility in 17 years, despite numerous complaints issued by former patients and other physicians.[iii]

Meet LeRoy Carhart.LeRoyCarhartPic1

Carhart is currently being investigated in the death of Jennifer Morbelli, who died from massive internal bleeding after he committed a third-trimester abortion in February of 2013.[iv] In 2004, Carhart killed Christin Gilbert, a Special Olympian who became pregnant after being sexually assaulted, while committing a third trimester abortion.[v] Carhart boasts that he has performed “twenty-some-thousand” abortions “over 24 weeks,” when babies have been proven to feel pain and are viable outside of the womb.[vi]

Meet Douglas Karpendouglaskarpen31

In 2013, 3 former Karpen employees went public telling their horror stories of how the abortionist kills babies after birthing them by forcing instruments into the soft spots of their heads or twisting their heads off their necks.[vii] Karpen’s history of botched abortions goes back to 1988 when 15 year old Denise Montoya, died after he committed a 26-week abortion.[viii]