What is a Pregnancy Resource Center?

Pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) have come under attack by various pro-abortion organizations and individuals. Frankly, it’s one of the most despicable practices of abortion supporters. These centers, which exist solely to support women during a difficult time, have their buildings physically vandalized, their websites cyber-attacked, and are generally harassed by the nation’s most rabid abortion supporters.

These centers are not-for-profit organizations that serve women across the United States. Below are some common myths that have been spread about these centers and the real facts.

What is a Pregnancy Resource Center?

A pregnancy help organization is a non-profit community center or clinic which:

  • Primarily serves pregnant women and young families.
  • Is not an abortion vendor.
  • Does not charge for any of its services.

Fast Facts

  • In 2017, pregnancy centers provided almost 2,000,000 people with free services, with estimated community cost savings of at least $161 million annually. 
  • 2,752 center locations nationwide provide vital services including medical services, parenting programs, and sexual risk avoidance education. 
  • More than 7 in 10 locations offer free ultrasounds (up 24 percent since 2010). 
  • 400,100 hours of free services were contributed by credentialed nurse sonographers and registered diagnostic medical sonographers in 2017. 
  • 100 mobile units with ultrasound are on the road to bring services to women out in the community. 
  • 30,000 contacts per month reach Heartbeat International’s Option Line hotline and email/chat lines. 
  • 67,400 volunteers serve pregnancy centers, including an estimated 7,500 medical professionals who freely give of their time and skills. 
  • Centers carried out 679,600free pregnancy tests in 2017. 
  • 295,900 moms and dads attended parenting courses. 
  • 24,100 after-abortion support clients were seen in 2017 (services include support, counseling, and referral to professional help when appropriate for both women and men). 
  • More than 1 million students attended community-based sexual risk avoidance education presentations in 2017. 

Myth 1: Pregnancy centers are “fake clinics.”

Pregnancy centers come in two types. The first is a “traditional” pregnancy help organization. These are not medical clinics and do not pretend to be, although many offer free basic pregnancy tests and even ultrasound services. They provide numerous free services including parenting classes, options counseling, baby supplies, job assistance, and financial aid.

The second type is a Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic. These are licensed medical facilities that operate under the direction of an M.D. The medical services provided vary from clinic to clinic, but often include ultrasounds, on-site prenatal exams, and/or STD testing. In neither case can these be considered “fake clinics.”

Myth 2: Pregnancy centers only care about preventing abortions.

The volunteers and staff affiliated with pregnancy help organizations get into that work for one reason: to help women, no matter their circumstance, income, creed, or any other factor. Pregnancy resource centers are pro-life because they know firsthand that abortion hurts women and they want to serve as the compassionate alternative. As such, they serve  not only the abortion-minded, but also women who have chosen adoption or parenting, women whose babies have already been born, and women struggling with a prior abortion.

Myth 3: Pregnancy centers use unqualified volunteers.

Pregnancy resource centers do utilize volunteers – just like Planned Parenthood and the vast majority of American non-profits. Pregnancy center volunteers undergo training from staff to ensure that they are qualified to assist women in whatever way they’ve volunteered to.

Myth 4: All pregnancy centers are religious.

It’s true that people from communities of faith are statistically highly involved in charitable work. While many pregnancy centers are religiously-affiliated, they do not force it on anyone or refuse to assist women who are not religious.

Myth 5: Pregnancy centers pressure women into adoption.

Pregnancy resource centers work to empower women to make the best choice for themselves and their babies. No pregnancy center attempts to coerce a woman into placing her child with an adoptive family.

Want to get even more involved?  Find your local pregnancy center by going to www.Optionline.org. or calling 1-800-395-4357.