Abortionist Caught on Tape

Students for Life of America Exposes Partial-Birth Abortionist Declaring Aborted Infants Born Alive “Just Sloppy Medicine” at Conference Held at the National Education Association

**Update: Click here to see the letter sent to the NEA by over 100 pro-life teachers! 

Arlington,VA – Students for Life of America (SFLA) today released video exposing footage of abortionist Dr. George Tiller of Wichita, KS openly discussing children who “slip out” accidentally during an abortion and are “born alive” or with a “heartbeat” and condemned such medical mistakes during the Feminist Majority Foundation’s annual Women’s Leadership Conference, held at the National Education Association (NEA.) Dr. Tiller, who currently faces 19 criminal charges for illegal late-term abortions in the state of Kansas, stated “If the baby is born alive, that is sloppy medicine” after addressing the crowd of about 100 feminists during a plenary session titled “Standing with our Sisters” on March 9, 2008.

The video reveals Dr. Tiller showcasing graphic pictures of children with fetal abnormalities that he aborted to make the case for late-term abortions as necessary medical procedure. He also admitted to performing abortions on children the day before the mother’s due date. Yet when questioned in a personal interview, Dr. Tiller failed to recognize the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, a federal bill signed into law in 2002 that protects born children from murder and illegalizes infanticide.

When asked about the Act, Dr. Tiller also admitted, “Let’s say you have 15 or 16, you had one slip out with a heartbeat; that is not a viable fetus, but that is born alive or has a heartbeat. Then you have to take that non-viable fetus and rush it directly to the hospital against the woman’s wishes.”

The conference and personal interview with Dr. Tiller was videotaped by SFLA’s Executive Director Kristan Hawkins and Programs Coordinator Becky Banks.

Full video available online at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=wpr_sN04j_0.

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“What is most disturbing about this video is the point when Dr. Tiller shows footage of children he has aborted,” stated Kristan Hawkins, the Executive Director of Students for Life of America. “One had an extra arm: could not that child had survived and received corrective surgery? Was violently killing the child the only way to go? Pro-lifers are regularly condemned for displaying pictures of aborted babies, but here the pro-abortion crowd and the NEA are more than happy to showcase these graphic images, and even gave Dr. Tiller’s presentation a standing ovation.”

Becky Banks, SFLA Programs Coordinator, said “I’m concerned that Dr. Tiller didn’t know what the federal ban on infanticide is about. A man who performs thousands of abortions a year should know of this legislation and realize that any time that ‘something with a heartbeat slips out,’ the baby is then a protected person under the law. The question obviously caught him off guard, because he could not give a straight answer about live abortions and contradicted his own information in a matter of minutes, claiming it’s not ever necessary and then explaining when it is necessary to abort live infants.”

The NEA should consider the effect their sponsorship has on its more than 3 million members:

“As a pro-life teacher, I can say this illustrates why I am no longer a member of the NEA. The NEA should not be involved in this issue; here they are hosting this controversial abortionist and his slideshow of babies he has aborted. There is no way any of my money will ever be used to advance the radical pro-abortion agenda of Planned Parenthood and the NEA,” said Marla Mercer, a West Virginia teacher and former member of the National Education Association.

ACTION: Send your complaints to the National Education Association. Go to http://www.nea.org/aboutnea/contact.html for contact information.