Sex-Selective Abortion

“Where are our girls?”  We look around and see “our girls” everywhere. Look left. Look right. There is seemingly many a female in sight. Nevertheless, what many of us are unintentionally overlooking is a growing tragedy in the United States and around the world.


As many as 160 MILLION  girls and women are missing world-wide due to sex-selective practices – such as abortion and infanticide. Some have even estimated this number to be as high as 200 million. Unfortunately, national policies (e.g. China’s One-Child Policy) as well as societal and cultural preferences for sons have led to sex-discrimination around the world. Even in the United States, baby girls are being discriminated against for a fact of their nature which they cannot control — their gender.

Now maybe you are thinking, “Sure. Gendercide is a big problem in China or India. It’s not an issue here in the US!” However, take a moment to read the following quote…

  • “In May 2001, the Ethics Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)–a group that sets fertility clinic standards nationwide–said it could be ethical for parents to choose their children’s sex for non-medical reasons. They stated that they did not feel that it would be unethical for parents to utilize this technology to select for a child “of the gender opposite that of an existing child or children.” Likewise, they acknowledged, “it would not be unethical for parents to prefer that their first-born or only child be of a particular gender because of the different meaning and companionship experiences that they expect to have.” (Customizing Conception, click here for source)

Again, this committee suggested that it would be ethical for a parent to terminate the life of their child simply because that child was not of the gender that they preferred. For the pro-life movement, there is never an ethical reason to intentionally end the life of a child, and sex-selective abortion represents a grave violation against life and against women. It only further serves to advance the dangerous war on women.

Research has suggested that thousands of baby girls have been aborted in the United States for the sole reason that the baby was not the preferred sex. Moreover, investigations of various Planned Parenthood abortion clinics have showed that workers within these clinics have supported sex-selective abortions.

It is time that we take a stand for women – born and preborn. Every life is valued – male and female, born and preborn. If you have a voice to share and time to spare, STAND UP for the baby girls!

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