Mission Abortion: Biden’s Newest Task Force 

Caroline Wharton - 31 Jan 2022

On the eve of the Roe v. Wade anniversary, another government task force was born, and its chief objective is to make sure that the smallest American citizens don’t get that same right. Yes, hypocritical is definitely the name of Biden’s game as his administration recently launched a team for the sole purpose of protecting abortion access. It’s brand-spanking-new so here’s what you need to know: 

What’s the task force called?  

The new task force is called the “HHS Intra-Agency Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access.” It may have a long name, but it just means abortion on demand. A more accurate name for it might be the “HHS Intra-Agency Task Force on Making Sure Women Can Legally Kill Their Babies Any Way They’d Like.” That name seems to get the general idea across more clearly.  

Why was this task force created?

Nationwide, there is a fairly uniform opinion that Roe v. Wade will be affected by the Dobbs v. Jackson case; perhaps even to the point of reversal. While the Pro-Life Generation is excited about this opportunity, the abortion lobby is shaking in their boots and running for cover—which is where this task force comes in.  

(Read Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins’ Op-Ed on a world after Roe HERE.)  

According to the press release about this task force, it was created in light of challenges which include “Supreme Court decisions in three reproductive healthcare cases this term” and “the COVID-19 pandemic.” Weird—it must have been a mistake that the pandemic made it onto a list of abortion challenges; after all, American women only began to receive Chemical Abortions via the mail because of the pandemic. The abortion lobby used the pandemic as a step stool to reach the death-by-mail method—and now they’re saying the pandemic made abortions harder to get? Make that make sense.  

What is the task force’s objective?  

The purpose of this task force is to “protect and bolster access to sexual and reproductive health care”—read: protect abortions. There are five ways listed in which this task force can do that. Let’s take a look:  

  • The first method is to identify and eliminate barriers to access in federal government programs/services; this sounds like they’re going to have a hard time with the Hyde Amendment.  
  • The second method is to expand the research and data collection on abortions. Students for Life of America is all for this; there is a serious problem with no national abortion reporting laws.  
  • The third method is to advance abortion-friendly policies for minority groups, “including people of color.” Did they miss the memo that the racist abortion industry preys largely on minority groups
  • The fourth method is to try to partner with allies who will support abortion access policies—basically, rabid abortion organizations like Planned Parenthood or the Guttmacher Institute.  
  • And the fifth method is to support efforts against the “stigmatization of reproductive healthcare as separate…from other essential primary care services.” Abortion is neither essential nor a form of healthcare. Serving up death for several hundred dollars isn’t healthcare—it’s just paid murder. True healthcare works to keep people alive and improve their quality of life. Or does “do no harm” mean something else?  

This isn’t the first time Biden has gone to bat for the abortion lobby.  

The Biden Administration and their pro-abortion team are on the hunt for every opportunity to uphold abortion. That’s why Biden nominated Dr. Robert Califf for FDA Commissioner; why the FDA recently weakened the REMS on Chemical Abortions; why the Administration took Texas to court over the Texas Heartbeat Bill; why the Build Back Better Bill and the Women’s Health Protection Act only serve the abortion industry; and the list goes on and on and on.  

To the Biden Administration, it doesn’t matter that one third of the electorate doesn’t share such radical abortion views. They will continue saying that these measures and this new task force are for the protection of women. His team is really just out to win for abortion—women be damned in the process.  

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