Kristan Hawkins: America Needs to Get Ready for a World After Roe

Kristan Hawkins - 03 Dec 2021


Reposted from Fox News: Reading the polls, it’s clear that most people don’t understand Roe v. Wade at all, which is significant as the landmark case that set up America’s extreme abortion policy will be debated Wednesday at the Supreme Court when Dobbs v. Jackson is argued. While people might say they support Roe, their minds change when they read the fine print because if you like limits on abortion of any kind, you don’t like Roe.

U.S. abortion policy dictated by judicial fiat allows for abortion through all 9 months, for any reason at all, and sometimes with taxpayer funding, putting us far outside the abortion laws of almost every country in the world. But that could change through Mississippi’s efforts to defend a law limiting abortion before a baby can survive outside the womb. Such a change would be historic as since 1973 the courts have not allowed limits on abortion before viability.



And there is every reason to believe that real change is coming. The Supreme Court could have continued to ignore the issue of abortion, but instead took up a case that offers a direct challenge to the status quo.

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