Prepare to Be Amazed: SFLA & SFLAction Impact During the 2021-2022 School Year

Caroline Wharton - 17 Aug 2022

Movements can only progress when people are actually moving — that is, barking and biting—and Students for Life of America (SFLA) is proud to raise up our nation’s youth as pro-life movers and shakers who are truly changing the landscape of the pro-life movement. Our students are unafraid to stand up to the abortion lobby and dedicated to holding out helping hands to women and families in unplanned pregnancies. 

As we approach the Fall semester of the 2022-2023 school year, SFLA and the Pro-Life Generation are geared up to do some serious service for the preborn — and if you want a taste of what we’ll do this year in a Post-Roe America, check out what we did last year. Here are the top eight things you should know about the 2021-2022 school year:  

SFLA 2021-2022 school year impact
  1. We activated 11,564 pro-life advocates.  

This is a special number because these are students that we inspired, trained, and mobilized into becoming a part of the Pro-Life Generation that strives to protect life and serve women — which means 11,564 people began sidewalk counseling, volunteering at pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes, donating, etc.  

  1. We started 125 new SFLA groups. 

SFLA currently has more than 1,300 groups nationwide, and we just keep growing thanks to enthusiastic students and our amazing Field Coordinators. Out of the 125 new groups that we established last year, you can read about the three schools that were nominated for Best New Group last year: click HERE to read about Sandhills Community College in North Carolina, HERE to read about Noblesville High School in Indiana, and HERE to read about Southeastern University in Florida.  

If you would like to start a group this school year, click HERE to learn more!  

SFLA 2021-2022 school year impact
  1. We held 444,000 conversations about abortion.  

Every conversation that we have about abortion is immensely important to changing cultural views on the preborn and the value of life. Even when we may not change someone’s mind, we are planting pro-life seeds for the future — and those seeds are scientific facts about life (when it begins, etc.), the truth about abortion, and alternatives to abortion which truly seek to respect preborn and already born life.  

  1. We generated more than $108 million dollars in earned media coverage.  

‘Earned media coverage’ is the amount it would have cost to pay for the organic coverage we received. We are receiving this free coverage because the media is seeking us out as they acknowledge that our organization and our students are making bold moves and changing the culture on abortion.  

To read SFLA op-eds which are a part of our earned media coverage number, click HERE.  

SFLA 2021-2022 school year impact
  1. Our student groups donated $21,024,900 in total volunteer value to their communities.  

‘Total volunteer value’ is the amount it would have cost to pay our students for all the volunteer work they did for free out of goodwill. What more can we say? Our students definitively aren’t all talk and no action — instead, they are known faces in their communities for being committed to serving others. 

  1. We traveled 240,547 miles to educate students about abortion.  

Yes, that’s right — our SFLA staffers traveled enough miles to get to the moon in order to educate students around the nation about abortion. That’s a lot of miles (and keep in mind, our Field Team uses their cars typically, not airplanes), but distance has nothing on our determination. We’ll drive as far as it takes to protect life from conception.  

  1. We knocked on more than 139,092 doors to educate our neighbors about abortion.  

Door knocking is one of our favorite ways to get out into the community, connect with our neighbors, and educate on both abortion and life-affirming resources. If you would like to read real stories from our door knocking adventures last year, click HERE to read a heartbreaking story from Mississippi, HERE to read about how we knocked on an abortionist’s door, and HERE to read how we met a pregnant high schooler moments after she learned of her pregnancy.  

SFLA 2021-2022 school year impact
  1. We educated more than 500,000 voters in partnership with Students for Life Action (SFLAction).  

In partnership with SFLAction, SFLA students also helped to educate voters about important elections for life. This work included calling, texting, and personally connecting with voters to discuss what was at stake in the election and voting records of candidates. Click HERE to read about a recent partnership in Indiana.  

Clearly, SFLA and the Pro-Life Generation stay busy — and that’s not going to change for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year. We’re kicking it into high gear in this Post-Roe America so stay tuned for all our life-affirming efforts. You won’t want to miss out!  

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