Pro-Life Door Knockers in Mississippi Confronted with Heartbreaking Story

Brenna Lewis - 11 Oct 2021


SFLA’s Southern Regional Coordinator, Omarr Peters


Students for Life of America has launched our most innovative campaign to date: The Campaign for Abortion Free Cities! This is a national grassroots effort that is currently active in 20 cities across the United States.

The sole mission is to completely rid these cities of abortion. One of our strategies to help keep our communities protected from abortion violence is local canvassing efforts that connect neighbors with information about their nearby Pregnancy Help Organizations.  

This past week, SFLA’s  Omarr Peters and Kate Maloney had a touching experience at a door in Jackson, Mississippi. Kate shared…

“It was a Sunday afternoon, and at one of the first doors we knocked on, we met a young woman. We started chatting and talking through our Campaign for Abortion Free Cities survey, and as we were going through the survey, we discovered that she was passionately pro-life and had a powerful testimony to share.

She shared with us that when she was 17, she became pregnant. Even though it was a surprise, she expressed to us that she had every intention of keeping her baby even while her boyfriend at the time was pressuring her to abort. Amid her advocating for her pregnancy, she unfortunately miscarried and lost her baby.

With tears starting to fill her eyes, she told us how badly she wanted her baby, and how she still grieves and thinks of her child often. She was ready to embrace the challenge of motherhood and in a lot of ways she found it to be a very motivating. Omarr and I were able to share with her information about the life-affirming resources located in Jackson, Mississippi.

We also informed her that these resources could aid her in continuing to heal from her miscarriage experience. We ended the conversation shaking hands and she wanted to join us in our door-knocking efforts in the local Jackson area, to share her story, and give women and families hope if they’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.”

Jackson, MS

This is the beauty of the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities. Through our door knocking efforts, we get to meet people where they are and help solve the real problems they face. If Omarr and Kate hadn’t gotten up that morning to door knock in the community, they would have never met this young woman and had this conversation. And not only was she provided with helpful resources, but she was also activated to advocate for other people in crisis. This campaign is completely done by the community, for the community! If you see your city listed and want to get involved, door-to-door, hand-to-hand, and heart-to-heart… then come join us.  

We refuse to join the false narrative that tells women, “Abortion is empowering.” It only harms. Instead, we choose love and will continue to guide women and families to non-violent pregnancy resource options that give them hope, opportunity, and TRUE empowerment. The Campaign for Abortion Free Cities provides a unique and powerful next step in pro-life advocacy.  

If you don’t see your city listed and you’re moved by this mission, then apply to start one at Spread this campaign and SAVE lives – one door at a time! 

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