Our Pro-Life Work Isn’t Over When Roe Is Reversed

Caroline Wharton - 05 May 2022

After perhaps the biggest United States Supreme Court scandal in history, many Americans are asking what will happen in a Post-Roe America should the final ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson be consistent with the leaked brief. As the abortion lobby continues to spread vicious misinformation about what the reversal of Roe v. Wade means (quick, someone tell Nina Jankowicz!), they muddy the waters of reality. However, contrary to pro-abortion narrative, abortion will not be immediately abolished nationwide upon reversal. That’s where the Pro-Life Generation comes in.  

An op-ed on this topic, written by Students for Life Action (SFLAction) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins, was recently published at the Daily Wire. It’s entitled, “The Real Work Begins After Roe v. Wade Is Overturned.”  

Pro-Life Work Isn't Over When Roe Is Reversed

On what will actually happen when Roe is reversed, Hawkins writes, “Despite the frenzied response of the billion-dollar abortion franchise, the sky is not falling (although their profits might). In fact, what happens next is a return of the issue of abortion to the states for a discussion and a debate blocked by the courts for too long. The reason is simple. While abortion is not in the Constitution, states’ rights are.”  

Hawkins continues, “It’s important to understand that prior to Roe, almost all states severely prohibited abortion or limited it to saving a mother’s life. And that’s how it will be again, each state making a choice (and pro-choice is supposed to be good, right?).”  

Hawkins emphasizes that because Roe will turn the matter of abortion policy over to the states, the pro-life movement must work to protect life in law and service at the state level—and she says that that work has already begun with organizations like SFLAction.  

Pro-Life Work Isn't Over When Roe Is Reversed

Hawkins states, “Over the last two years, Students for Life Action has worked in 30 states, to rebuild protections for life with an emphasis on early abortion — as more than 9 in 10 abortions take place by 12 weeks, according to the CDC. As we said to members of Congress just this week, ‘If we are not focusing on limiting early abortions, we are not really addressing the violence of abortion at all.’”  

SFLAction’s work towards protecting life in law can be seen in the passage and enactment of laws like the new Oklahoma Life at Conception Law. To protect life in service, SFLA has also created an initiative called Standing with You to assist pregnant and parenting women. 

Pro-Life Work Isn't Over When Roe Is Reversed

On how she feels about the state of a Post-Roe America, Hawkins says, “In all 50 states, I find courageous Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen Y ready to take their place on the front lines to make abortion unthinkable and unimaginable.”  

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