As Chemical Abortion Pills Lurk in Texas, Pro-Life Generation Engaged in Spooky Season Outreach to Educate on Scary Risks 

Caroline Wharton - 09 Nov 2023
Guest post by SFLA Texas Regional Coordinator Faith Elwonger

GUEST POST: While Texan pro-life laws have greatly decreased the number of preborn babies lost to the predatory abortion industry, abortion is unfortunately still an important conversation in the Lone Star State. Advertisements about abortion “availability” continue to rear their ugly heads, including a pop-up store promoting Chemical Abortion Pills or massive, hot-pink billboards that say, “Need an Abortion? We Can Help.”  

News flash: no one “needs” an abortion nor should such a ghastly pill/procedure ever be considered “helpful.” Authentic help is support for both mother and baby.  

Regardless, these are indications that the pro-life movement’s work here is still yet to be done —and if women are seeing these ads which make abortion look simple and easy, they should be made aware that abortion is actually extremely dangerous. 

That’s why the Pro-Life Generation and I got together a group for Halloween outreach on the evening before the holiday in Fort Worth (one of the locations our Campaign for Abortion Free Cities is currently working in) to spread the word about the spooky risks of Chemical Abortion Pills, which account for more than half of all abortions in the United States. These risks include injury, infertility, abuse, and even death.  

As part of Students for Life of America’s initiative called the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities, representatives of Pro-Life Waco (a community pro-life group), PESH Students for Life (a high school SFLA group), and my family dressed in Halloween shirts, going door-to-door with a pumpkin candy bowl filled with informative, Halloween-themed literature about the abortion drugs. Many people that we talked to were pro-life, but we did have two mind changes regarding abortion in the case of sexual assault and when the life of the mother is at risk. 

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Here is a recap on some of the conversations: 

We met a former nurse who said life begins at birth — meaning she was fine with abortion for whatever reason through all nine months of pregnancy. When I brought up the example of being in the delivery room in labor and both heartbeats being monitored (the medical field tracks the maternal and fetal heartbeat), she still refused to acknowledge the reality of there being two lives present until the baby was actually outside of the womb.

Another woman was concerned about abortion in the case of sexual assault, falsely believing that it was a compassionate, solution to the violence of rape. However, after telling her about the trauma (both mentally and physically) that comes with abortion, she agreed that more violence could not be the answer for properly loving and supporting a sexual assault survivor.

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One man considered himself to be pro-life, but he brought up life of the mother cases, confused on how those fit into a pro-life mindset. When we talked about specific examples and discussed how in these situations the medical field prioritizes saving both lives (making it absolutely different from abortion which always seeks to intentionally kill the preborn child), he became 100% pro-life. He was so excited to see us door knocking and breaking down misinformation like the ridiculous idea that intentional, elective abortion is ever medically necessary.  

Overall, we had more conversations than I expected, and neighbors were very receptive to our outreach. While we had a hard topic to discuss, we wanted to do it in a winsome way — because every woman deserves to know the scary truth about Chemical Abortion Pills and how the pro-life movement will actually support her.  

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