The Violence of the Pro-Abortion Movement Exposes the Hypocrisy of the DOJ Against the Pro-Life Movement

Mattison Brooks - 09 Oct 2023

Merrick Garland, the Supreme Court justice nominee that never was and otherwise emptiest of empty suits at the Department of Justice, got emotional during an interview with CBS’ Scott Pelley the other day. What was the source of his tears? Was it remorse for targeting of traditional conservatives and Catholics? Was it the lack of meaningful prosecution of the most (alleged) naked example of political corruption since Watergate? Was it regret at being completely embarrassed by Mitch McConnell?  

No – it turns out what welled his eyes was our “sacred” democracy. CBS reported: 

“Look, I think it’s the best any public servant can hope for, that we’ve done our best, that we pass on a Justice Department that continues to pursue the rule of law and protect it. It’s the same thing that every generation has to hope, that we can pass our democracy on in working order to the next generation that picks up the torch and is responsible when we’re finished to continue that job,” Garland said, appearing slightly choked up.” 

Dry that out, and you can fertilize a field.  

The truth is that there is no “democracy” in a system that is heavily slanted against only one side of the political spectrum. This has played out many times where abortion supporters seemingly get a slap on the wrist for egregious crimes, if they’re charged at all, while pro-lifers get the book thrown at them for lesser crimes. There are countless examples of this hypocrisy:  

On and on it goes – endless examples, and if we held our breath waiting for equal application of the law in this current judicial system, we would pass out. 

Thankfully, the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee are turning up the heat on this naked abuse of the law. We hope they succeed – and that these violent extremist groups going after the pro-life movement are given the label of “terrorists” they have so richly earned. Just a few examples: 

Until the other side is treated with the same severity and concern that the DOJ apparently reserves for the pro-life movement, Attorney General Garland can save his meaningless tears and his vacuous chattering about democracy. We know that the Department of Injustice has their thumb on the scale and that they will never treat the pro-life movement with anything resembling equality under the law – that’s completely evident by their behavior in the last three years.  

But if he or any of his agents at the DOJ or the Federal Bureau of Investigation think we’re going to give up or step back, they are out of their minds. The abuse and corruption will only steel our resolve to keep going and to fight twice as hard for the preborn. 

They can’t stop us – nothing can.  

Libertas aut mors. 

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