VIDEO: Tennessee Abortion Supporter Throws Glass Bottle at Pro-Life Students, Glass Shards Damage Pro-Lifer’s Eyes  

Caroline Wharton - 27 Jan 2023

The acceptance of abortion is the acceptance of violence in the womb, and when you accept one form of violence, it’s a small step toward allowing other forms of it — just ask any pro-lifer who has ever experienced the wrath of the abortion lobby. In the same way that abortion supporters disregard the sanctity of preborn life, many also disrespect the sanctity of life outside the womb, like one pro-abortion woman who recently threw a glass bottle at a Students for Life of America (SFLA) group in Tennessee. Here’s what happened:  

According to a student-published op-ed in the Chattanoogan, SFLA leader William Reynolds with the Students for Life of Southeast Tennessee group had gathered in a park on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade “to remember the lives lost and demand justice for them.” Along with other local pro-life activists, the group was peacefully protesting — but (surprise, surprise) a pro-abortion counter protest broke out that wasn’t so peaceful or civil.  

Reynolds recounted in his op-ed that, despite being there for hours, he was unable to find one abortion supporter who could tell him why abortion is healthcare or how abortion helps with “the feminist values of equality, non-violence and non-discrimination.” Instead, there was a lot of harassment, unproductive name-calling, theft, and unironic drama — such as six abortion supporters dressed in all black as “pallbearers” who were carrying a life-size black coffin. 

Despite all manner of ugliness from the abortion lobby, including being called “rapists and misogynists,” the Students for Life of Southeast Tennessee group stood strong, maintaining a presence for life. When many of the abortion supporters had left, the pro-life group of students stayed out and actually engaged in a productive conversation with one woman about ectopic pregnancies — until it was interrupted, that is.  

When two pro-abortion women came up and interrupted the conversation, Reynolds reported that it all went downhill from there. The group had several minutes of fruitless back and forth conversation when one of the women became even angrier and pulled something out of her purse — a glass bottle. After cursing at the students again, she hurled the glass bottle onto the sidewalk directly at the group, and it sprayed shards into the air and into the eye of one of the pro-lifers.  

Discontent to leave it at that, the pro-abortion woman stole two signs from another female student and began to verbally assault her. When the pro-life student stood her ground, the angry abortion supporter finally left, leaving the broken glass and ripped signs behind her.  

SFLA leader William Reynolds

Make no mistake about it: this is the end result of the abortion lobby’s philosophy.  

When we allow ourselves to devalue human beings — to destroy them when they are an inconvenience to us — this is what happens. This harmful ideology doesn’t stop in the womb; it goes on throughout life, creating human bulldozers who damage anyone who gets in their way.  

Is this really the mindset we want to promote? Or would society be better off with a pro-life mindset —where each human is special and unique and deserving of protection and respect? This is the philosophy that creates communities that love and sustain life for all members regardless of their individual needs or traits. It says, “You are a human being, and your life matters to me.”  

Out of these societies — the dog-eat-dog world of the abortion lobby or the life-affirming community created by pro-life ideals — it should be a pretty easy decision.     

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