VIDEO: Fetusphobic Professor Becomes Unhinged Over Peaceful Pro-life Students on Campus, Destroys Display 

Caroline Wharton - 18 May 2023

With abortion violence on the rise, it’s tough to be pro-life anywhere, but Students for Life of America (SFLA) leaders are bravely taking on even the most visceral college campuses because everyone deserves to know the truth about abortion. However, some students and faculty members cannot take sight of respectfully displayed information on abortion – the realities of the death industry must be too hard for them to handle.  

SFLA again points to the violent nature of those at Hunter College in Manhattan, New York, this time a staff member’s abortion bias is on display. (CLICK HERE to see a previous video at the same campus of a student stealing a fetal model to then chew it up and paint fake blood on it.) 

The mean and extreme reaction to pro-lifers at Hunter College doesn’t stop there. As seen in the video below, Professor Shellyne Rodriguez aggressively approaches SFLA’s table and yells profanities before ultimately ruining the display:  

One can easily imagine that a pro-life student would be concerned to depend on the professor for a good grade or even a fair assessment. 

SFLA Northeast Regional Coordinator Taylor McGee reported:  

“On May 2, 2023, pro-life students at Hunter College hosted our This is Chemical Abortion tour display. About an hour into tabling, a professor named Shellyne Rodriguez arrived at the table and berated the students. She cursed at them and said, “this is b*******, this is violence, you’re triggering my students” by the fact that they were peacefully standing there. 

“The professor then threw the fetal models and the topic cards across and off the table. This is clearly unacceptable behavior for a professional in any field, but particularly stunning for someone who is meant to educate students in a professional and unbiased manner. 

“Professionals in a workplace have no business berating students for any reason especially for peacefully engaging in dialogue. Free speech is essential for the growth and development of society, and we’ve seen throughout history the detrimental effect of suppressing free speech. 

“Not only that, but the speech we require is the protection of human rights, specifically the rights of the most innocent and most pure: the preborn.” 

The professor came back to the display a second time to continue berating students. This time, however, she did not destroy the whole table they had set up. She was stopped when she tried to throw around the materials AGAIN and although she was stopped, she did successfully get copies of each of the pieces of literature. (As opposed to just peacefully taking materials.) 

Immediately after the event, SFLA students reported the video of the professor’s first outburst to campus security. The group is still awaiting a response but has been told the issue has been escalated up to the Administration. 

Following the incident, on May 12, 2023, a pro-abortion group on campus (that claimed the professor offered constructive criticism of the pro-life “propaganda display”) posted on Instagram that allegedly Professor Rodriguez was “summoned to the provost’s office.” The same Instagram account has since harassed SFLA students through social media committing to “disrupt and dismantle” their future events.  

The outcome of the investigation is being handled by the school Administration and campus safety; SFLA is waiting for a response. Check back into the SFLA blog for further updates and legal action.  

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