WATCH: Pro-Abortion New York College Student Steals Fetal Model, Chews it Up, & Paints Fake Blood on It

Caroline Wharton - 08 May 2023

It can be hard to be pro-life on campus anywhere, and in pro-abortion states like New York, it takes special determination to stay strong in the face of abortion supporters who steal your property and then…well, chew it up. Students for Life of America (SFLA) team members recently experienced a pro-abortion student pocketing items from their display to put into their mouths; a common behavior during infant/toddler years that one usually hopes to have grown out of well before higher education. Here’s what happened: 

When SFLA Northeast Regional Coordinator Taylor McGee and Northeast Field Operations Coordinator Savannah Craven recently took SFLA’s Spring 2023 campus tour (entitled “This Is Chemical Abortion”) to Hunter College in Manhattan, New York, the day was hostile from beginning to end. It got particularly interesting, however, when one pro-abortion student appeared in the afternoon, showing off what her choppers can do. 

The female student came up to the tabling display that McGee and Craven were hosting with the Catholic Students Association, holding a sign that read “Say No to Fascism on Campus.” She had also attached to the sign a strip of chicken wire which was holding two of SFLA’s fetal models she had stolen from earlier in the day. These models, meant to show how preborn babies look and weigh at nine and ten weeks-old, were disgustingly chewed up and had been painted with some sort of red substance clearly to represent blood. 

While in front of a camera, she admitted to stealing them a few hours before and began to verbally abuse the SFLA team members. She repeatedly called Craven a “c*nt,” telling her to kill herself and “f*ck” herself. (Interestingly, she also demanded that Craven use they/them pronouns when addressing her…because it’s more important to use preferred pronouns than to be civil and polite apparently?) She also jeered at one of the student group leaders, Flerimar Lopez, making fun of her Spanish accent by saying, “You can’t even pronounce fascism, like, are you f*cking stupid?”

Her extremely hostile behavior attracted a lot of attention from other students, as well as the campus police. Five campus safety officers began to crowd around the pro-life table and the pro-abortion protester; a welcome presence as her intolerance made her seem very unstable. As soon as the officers gathered around, the girl holding the fetal models said she had no problem giving them back, of course. After all, even if you’re inclined to put the pedal to the metal, you don’t speed when you see blue lights on the road, either.

SFLA tabling display at Hunter College

The pro-life students and SFLA team members were consequently brought to fill out an incident report, and the officers gathered the footage on site, promising to follow up with the next steps soon. 

This footage once again represents what it’s like to simply be a pro-life student on a college campus these days: it’s hard. Everyone that came up to the table did so by their own choice, and none of the pro-life students ever raised their voices or engaged in harassment. The whole point of the display was to educate students about the dangers of Chemical Abortion Pills and how we can help women in need — but the extremism of the abortion lobby won’t allow even that. Mere education on the subject of the pros and cons of abortion for women’s health (spoiler alert, though: there are zero pros) is too much for their radicalism. 

Be prepared for abortion supporters to chew your stuff up and spit it out — but don’t let it affect your spirit. 

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