These Three Factors Can Increase Your Pain When Taking Chemical Abortions Pills  

Caroline Wharton - 05 Jan 2023

Many women who take Chemical Abortion Pills are never warned of the extreme pain they will be putting themselves through — but a new study published in a pro-abortion medical journal has found that three common factors can make that pain even worse for women. We’re keeping our expectations low in regards to the abortion lobby actually sharing that new information with women, but we won’t be so callous. Here’s what you need (and women deserve) to know about this new study:  

The International Reproductive Health Journal ‘Contraception’ recently published a study entitled “How Much Will It Hurt? Factors Associated With Pain Experience in Women Undergoing Medication Abortion During the First Trimester.” The purpose of the study was to examine the risk factors for pain during Chemical Abortion, and through an analysis of 242 women, these are the three factors which increased pain:  

Increased anxiety levels upon taking Chemical Abortion Pills 

This means that after taking Chemical Abortion Pills — drugs that will drastically alter the course of a woman’s life via ending her child’s life — if a woman feels more anxious than usual, she’s at a higher risk of pain. Based upon the enormity of that decision (and the potential fear of what the Chemical Abortion process will look like), the chances are very good that any woman taking Chemical Abortion Pills is going to experience anxiousness and therefore extreme pain.  

Having menstrual cramping when on your period  

You have a high chance of extreme pain from Chemical Abortion if you experience cramping while on your menstrual period (also called dysmenorrhea) — and have you ever met a woman who said she didn’t experience such discomfort while on her period? A 2012 National Institute of Health (NIH) published survey found that of 408 women, 84% reported feeling menstrual pain during their period, and an American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 2019 study also found 85% of girls and women experienced such painful cramping. For this reason, it’s very common for women to experience extreme pain during Chemical Abortions.  

Never having given birth before  

The study also found that any woman who has never given birth vaginally before taking Chemical Abortion Pills is also at risk for severe pain — and don’t forget that women for whom abortion is their first pregnancy outcome, there is also a higher risk for more miscarriages, more abortions, and half the number of live births.  

These three factors — increased anxiety, menstrual cramping, and never having given birth before — are so common for women that it’s clear to see that excruciating pain during Chemical Abortions will be common, as well. And this is exactly what many women post-Chemical Abortion report, after all. A Washington Post feature story on Chemical Abortion Pills quoted a woman saying that her pain was so intense during the process that she considered hospitalization and was “balled up in the fetal position.”  

The question is, however, will Chemical Abortion Pill distributors actually share this crucial information with women?  

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