Another Downside of Chemical Abortion Pills: The Potential for Hidden, Disastrous Abuse 

Caroline Wharton - 01 Dec 2022

There is a laundry list of reasons to oppose Chemical Abortion pills, but a particularly poignant one is the potential for domestic abuse — and sadly, this abuse isn’t hypothetical. Many cases have shown male partners deceitfully feeding these pills to women in order to trick them into killing their preborn child, and one has to wonder at the number of incidents that have gone undetected.  

Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins recently published an op-ed on this topic at The Federalist, entitled “How The FDA’s Abortion Pill Mill Enables Domestic Abusers.” Her article focused on a recent Texan court case in which a husband secretly fed Chemical Abortion pills to his wife in an attempt to abort their child, but she noted that this case unfortunately wasn’t the first of its kind. Hawkins wrote

“Sadly, while this one particular story made headlines in corporate media (although not in The New York Times or on CNN’s website, both of which ignored it completely), it is not an isolated incident. Abusers in homes across the nation and worldwide have utilized chemical abortion pills in the same way that Herring allegedly did. The vehicle of disguise, however, does change. Women have had deadly abortion pills slipped into their tea, Starbucks, orange juice, yogurt, pancakes, sandwiches, and cereal. In another case, an abuser lied to his partner about what the life-ending drug was, saying it was an antibiotic.  

“If it’s something a woman can ingest without suspicion, it can be used as a cover-up. Abusers aren’t picky — just as long as it kills their inconvenience.”  

(To read an SFLA blog on this topic, click HERE read more stories of sexual abusers using abortion drugs on their victims.)  

Abusers force these life-ending drugs on their victims without regard for their preborn child’s life — but also without care for the woman’s own safety as Chemical Abortion pills are extremely dangerous for maternal health. Side effects can include hemorrhaging, undetected ectopic pregnancy, permanent infertility, and maternal death; yet abusers give women these pills without their knowledge or consent. To learn more about the risks of Chemical Abortion pills, click HERE to watch a short video which includes testimonies from medical doctors and women who have taken the pills.  

Hawkins continued,  

“The overwhelming evidence is clear: Abusers do take advantage of chemical abortion pills, and they are a powerful evil in their hands, capable of taking multiple lives. This, however, seems to be the last concern of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — a conundrum since the agency’s mission is to protect “public health by assuring the safety, efficacy, and security” of human drugs, among other things. Nevertheless, their catastrophically irresponsible decision to allow chemical abortion pills to be sent through the mail without an in-person visit throws the door wide open for maleficent behavior.”  

To read Hawkins’ article in its entirety at The Federalist, click HERE

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