SFLA’s Summer of Service

Caroline Wharton - 19 May 2022

If you want a clear distinction between the purpose of the abortion lobby and the pro-life movement, look no farther than recent comments made by the president of the Women’s March who claimed that this summer will be “the summer of rage” for the abortion lobby.  

Women’s March President Rachel Carmona stated, “For the women of this country, this will be a summer of rage. We will be ungovernable until this government starts working for us, until the attacks on our bodies let up, until the right to an abortion is codified into law.”  

The abortion lobby’s Summer of Rage has already begun, as unfettered hostility and aggression spirals out of control, leaving destruction and hurt in the wake. Pro-abortion activists crudely vandalized churches and firebombed a pro-life organization’s office, leaving messages claiming that “if abortion isn’t safe, you aren’t either.” 

Abortion supporters are also unleashing extreme bigotry towards pro-life advocates. At a recent counter protest to a Bans Off Our Bodies rally, white abortion supporters screamed racist sentiments at pro-life women of color, as well as their bodyguards who were both African American. At another protest, pro-life advocates were roughly assaulted numerous times as they peacefully protested, including by a Black Lives Matter spokesperson. The pro-abortion Summer of Rage is clearly not off to a great start.  

However, while the abortion lobby may be choosing anger and violence (a tale as old as time), the pro-life movement is once again choosing love as Students for Life of America is declaring this summer to be The Summer of Service. As always, we will be focusing our efforts on uplifting preborn children, empowering women, and helping families through unplanned pregnancies and beyond. Here’s what we have planned to counter the intense hatred from the abortion lobby:  

Assurance of Assistance 

This summer, the pro-life movement and members of the Pro-Life Generation will dig even deeper into their service towards preborn child and women in unplanned pregnancies. This means that we will have a renewed and reenergized dedication to serving as sidewalk advocates, volunteers at crisis pregnancy centers, fundraisers for pro-life financial help efforts, babysitters for childcare centers that serve mothers in need, and more.  

To this end, SFLA will be promoting Standing With Her Summer, a digital and physical pledge which will be distributed online, as well as at all Christian festivals this summer. After pledging to stand with women in unplanned pregnancies, participants will receive information via email on how to be active in the pro-life movement and serve women and their children.  

Activism Opportunities  

Students for Life Action (SFLAction) has many different opportunities for members of the Pro-Life Generation to help protect life in law, particularly through 22 different activism trips which occur throughout the summer. These trips will allow students to help put pro-life legislators in office who will protect the preborn and mothers in unplanned pregnancies through life-affirming policies. These activism trips will occur in 15 different states, and members of the Pro-Life Generation will have their travel, lodging, and meals covered.  

To learn more about these trips, click HERE. To go ahead and sign up, click HERE.  

Tapping Into Churches  

This summer, SFLA will also be hosting a live, virtual event called “Standing With Her Sunday.” This event will be livestreamed from churches across the nation to address the critical, supportive role churches will need to play in a Post-Roe America. The event will feature national pro-life leaders and will highlight that church leaders need to be prepared to offer to help and enlighten their congregants and community members on every possible resource which can aid them through an unplanned pregnancy and life thereafter. Stay tuned for more details about this simulcast.  

Pro-Life Billboard Campaign 

Two SFLA initiatives, the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities (CAFC) and Standing With You (SWY), will be working in accord to create a pro-life billboard campaign this summer. In every city in which the CAFC is working, two pro-life billboards will be installed for public informational purposes. One billboard will inform viewers of the hurt and mental anguish post-abortive women go through after enduring an abortion which is often disputed or ignored by the abortion lobby. The other billboard will list SWY resources that struggling parents or women in unplanned pregnancies can use to better their situations.  

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