“My Husband Made Me Abort My IVF Baby:” How the IVF Industry Supports Destructive Narcissism and Sex-Selective Consumerism Through Selling Children 

Jordan Estabrook - 08 May 2024

In case you thought in vitro fertilization (IVF) has nothing to do with abortion, an exclusive story from the DailyMail says otherwise, and says even more about humanity.  

“The pregnancy I ended happened as a result of IVF. What’s more — and worse I suppose if that were possible — is that I blame my husband for it all. It is his fault I will never have a child like that lovely little girl.” 

These heart wrenching words are from a DailyMail article from a woman anonymously chronicling her story with IVF, and how her husband gave her an ultimatum – keep the child and divorce or abort the child and keep the marriage. This is, of course, a soul tearing decision that should’ve never taken place.  

She begins by expressing her hatred for what her husband has done to her. Once her travel buddy and best friend, they put off having kids for life’s little pleasures. But as she reached her early 40s, having a child naturally became simultaneously less possible and more desirable. They wanted a child quickly and conveniently, and soon did IVF in Ukraine with a different woman’s egg and her husband’s sperm. Though her husband was initially excited and supportive, he became increasingly worried about the baby’s health with an unknown egg donor. Desiring not to lose her husband, she aborted her baby, leaving a crushed mother and responsibility avoidant husband, both co-existing in misery and conflict avoidance.  

Mix commoditizing children with getting the best “bang for your buck” through cheap capitalism, and it’s guaranteed to be a recipe for disaster. Although instead of a cake recipe, it’s a “recipe” for a child. This isn’t a “Made from China” off-brand widget – it’s a unique individual. Sadly, they’re not treated as such by the IVF industry and some couples seeking IVF treatment. Children don’t have the moral worth of apple pie that can be thrown away without consequence.  

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We already know tiny children, also known as embryos, are trashed, accidentally “spilled,” or regularly never implanted. Or more horrifying, the IVF clinic that implanted dead babies.  

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“The vast majority of embryos (80%) produced during IVF and chosen for transfer still fail to implant or to result in a liveborn infant,” a 2016 study found. “The overwhelming majority of embryos transferred still do not result into a live birth confirming that only few embryos per ART cycle are competent.” 

The IVF Industry would rather create more than less and encourage or turn a blind eye to sex selectiveness, as a recent article from YahooNews! highlights. It pads their pockets. According to Forbes Magazine report, other costs include embryo cryopreservation between $1,000 to $2,000, embryo storage at $350 to $600 a year, and genetic testing between $1,800 to $6,000. Multiple that by multiple frozen embryos and couples could be paying a pretty penny for years to come or chose the cheaper option of throwing their tiny children in the trash.  

With the overall normalization of IVF over the past couple of decades, celebrities like Paris Hilton and the average American Joe and Joanne can choose the sex of their child – that is, throw out boys and keep the girls, or vice versa.  

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Once again, another money-making service. This recent YahooNews! article sheds light on the rising popularity of sex-selective IVF, which goes right in league with China’s sex selective practices.  

According to YahooNews!, “Jeffrey Steinberg, the founder of the Fertility Institutes in Los Angeles, figures that elective IVF for sex selection rakes in an estimated $500 million annually for clinics. (He puts it at about 5 percent of the $8 billion market.)  

But its growth potential is unlimited, Steinberg told me: ‘The market is the size of the human race.’” 

Dangerous and immoral things happen when human beings are treated as objects, just as Steinberg is.  Greed, unhinged desire, and selfishness emerge, which is the exact opposite of loving a child, which requires financial generosity, self-control, and sacrifice.  

“While the fertility industry in this country and others continues to seduce women like me with the promise of holding our ‘own’ baby, for some men, like Alex, if they can’t be a father the natural way, then they don’t want to be one at all,” the woman lamented to The DailyMail. “I only wish I had found that out sooner.” 

In this case, a woman is left with a broken marriage and heart since her baby maybe wasn’t healthy enough. On the rise are children discarded because their sex doesn’t fit the adult fantasy couples and singles have in their head. This practice reaches the highest level of discrimination, and people in the IVF industry make money off some people’s selfish whims. There are numerous well-meaning couples and loved IVF babies. However, the unregulated and commoditized IVF industry brings pain to couples. They are sold a dream with a dark side, and it opens the door to many IVF babies that will never see the light of day. 

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