China’s New Policy: Wrecked by Abortion and Desperate for Babies  

Caroline Wharton - 11 Feb 2022

After years of horrifying human rights violations masquerading as family-planning policies authorized by the Chinese government to ensure a one-child per state-approved family, China has shocked the world with new abortion policies with an entirely different focus. But why isn’t anyone talking about it, and is there a dark side to this news? Let’s discuss the implications:  

What’s changing in Chinese abortion policy?  

China’s Family Planning Association (CFPA), a state-backed organization and associated member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, reported that it would be “intervening” in abortions for unmarried women and teenagers in order to “improve reproductive health” in China in 2022. Although abortion is still legal and even forced on minority populations (remember the Uyghurs who are forcibly raped, tortured, sterilized, and made to abort their children?) by the Chinese government, this new effort means that the CFPA will be selectively choosing which women must abort their children and which must keep their children. 

The announcement from the CFPA came less than six months after China’s Cabinet released guidelines for the reduction of the number of abortions that were committed for non-medical reasons. While Chinese authorities said these guidelines were for the “enhancement of reproductive rights,” that doesn’t quite seem to be the case.  

Why has China encouraged this change?   

China is in a shrinking population crisis, and it’s entirely their own fault. Years of unethical and inhumane child policies—which required women to abort their children—have taken toll on their numbers. After more than three decades of a one-child policy, several years of a two-child policy, and a new three-child policy, China is currently experiencing a record low birth rate—the lowest recorded since 1978.   

Their most recent statistical yearbook showed a dramatic crisis for the birth rate—as both birth rates and marriage registrations continue in a downwards spiral. Additional, Chinese census data shows that the country only had 12 million births in 2020. For a population of more than 1.4 billion people, that is a scary number.  

The policy change away from abortion is the pathway to a higher birthrate. It’s also yet another way China will control its citizens by choosing who must abort their children and who may keep them. They might call this “enhancing reproductive rights,” but this is yet another way for the Chinese government to play God—only they get to decide who lives and who dies in the womb.  

Are feminists all over this issue? 

True feminists who care about women—both born and preborn—would be. But third-wave feminists? Not a chance. Modern-day, third-wave feminists are too busy solving non-existent problems to actually care about women in crisis. Wholly absorbed in “intersectional feminism,” they ignore many problems which should ignite their concern.  

Consider the on-going farce of pro-abortion women dressing up in costumes like the fictional Handmaid’s Tale – a made up story about a country so devastated by a diminishing population after war and disease impact a nation that women who can bear children are forced to have the sons and daughters of the men in power. Abortion supporters like to dress up to protest pro-life laws like those demanding high health and safety standards for women. Given their rabid interest in protesting any law THEY say forces women to have children, will they be booking flights to China given the policy change? We’re not holding our breath. The self-proclaimed feminists of the First World show very little regard for suffering women worldwide. 

(Click HERE to hear Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins talk about third-wave feminism).  

In the country of India, for example, gendercide runs rampant—abortions and infanticide are used to kill female babies because of prevalent, societal misogyny. Due to this crisis, The Guardian estimates that there will be 6.8 million fewer girls being born by 2030—but the feminists haven’t made a peep.  

Or what about when Planned Parenthood was exposed for helping sex traffickers skirt federal laws in order to force young girls to undergo abortions after facilitating their rapes-for-hire? Apparently, Planned Parenthood can do no wrong in their eyes because the feminists didn’t care then, either.  

Not only do these third-wave feminists not care about these issues, but they will also attack you for trying to fix them. For example, women in unplanned pregnancies often need support in their pregnancy journey—like diapers, childcare, etc.—but these feminists aren’t Interested in helping women in need. However, when the pro-life community steps in and creates pregnancy resource centers to aid these women, the feminists bite off their heads. What conundrum—they don’t care, and they don’t want us too, either.   

Wait, aren’t the Olympic Games currently being held in China?  

The Winter Olympics Games are currently happening in Beijing, China, and the United States is still competing regardless of the many human rights violations ongoing in the country. Feminists didn’t care then, either. In fact, they basically told Americans who were conscience-stricken at attending and competing in games on Chinese soil that they needed to stop being wusses and ignore their principles. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, told American athletes not to protest the Chinese’ human rights violations, saying, “You’re there to compete.” What are principles if you don’t practice them, though?  

What’s the Pro-Life Generation’s stance on this?   

Unlike the unprincipled and unethical third-wave feminists, the Pro-Life Generation does not stand silent while human rights issues abound. Instead, we stand strong and firm on the value and the sanctity of life, and we stretch out helping hands. We are fighting to confront the civilization killing abortion mindset and industry that sells women short, and then sells them an abortion. 

Unfortunately, China is reaping the fruits of a corrupt government which sanctions, promotes, and enforces the evil institution of abortion—but we will not allow the United States to go down that same road. We are preparing for an imminent Post-Roe America, and we are marching forward to an abortion-free America. We will not stop until abortion is abolished, and every woman knows her baby is precious.  

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