Foster Care System is No Excuse for Abortion: Dre Greenlaw’s Inspiring Story of Adoption, NFL Career, and 2024 Super Bowl Journey 

Jordan Estabrook - 06 Feb 2024

Media outlets, including CNN, The Atlantic, Vox, and others, use the argument of a crowded foster care system to justify abortion. Here’s their argument in a nutshell: if we can’t care for them, we should kill them. If they have the potential for a bad, hard life, they’re better off dead.  

It’s usually not said that plainly. Some disguise this sentiment in reasoning that mimics compassion, like this foster mom after the reversal of Roe v. Wade. Even as her voice quivers and tears run down her face, it’s still a dehumanizing, morbid argument.  

Some very notable people born in adversity rose up and created something extraordinary.  

One of those people is Dre Greenlaw, a linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers. After a hard childhood and finding his new family, he’s competing in the 2024 Superbowl.  

Greenlaw grew up in less-than-ideal circumstances. One of eleven children, his parents struggled to provide for them. His mother couldn’t keep a job and his father was emotionally and physically absent. They eventually separated; while five of his siblings were in his father’s care, the other seven were with his mother, including him.  

This created a tumultuous and unstable childhood. His mother and siblings moved frequently; he cycled in and out of jail, habitually got into fights, and was suspended from school.  

His mom turned to alcoholism, leading the Department of Human Services to remove her rights as Greenlaw’s legal guardian.  

It’s at this point in the story where many pro-abortion activists would insist this is a reason for abortion – why would you want anyone to live through that? They’d be better off dead.  

They’d be wrong.  

At eight years old, he went through foster homes as fast as one could blink, but eventually was housed at the Methodist Boys Home in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Football brought him belonging. Little did he know that he could find belonging somewhere more important: a stable, loving family.  

After Greenlaw sustained a football injury, he crossed paths with Brian Early, a football coach at Fayetteville High School. That high school was the place that provided him with rehabilitation and the start of a lasting connection. Despite concerns from the community, Brian, along with his wife Nanci and their two daughters, embraced Greenlaw and welcomed him into their home, making a life-changing investment in his life. 

“I was impressed with the way that he carried himself,” Brian said in an NBC Sports interview. “I thought there was something special about him. I remember calling Nanci when he left the complex…and asking her to call the Methodist Boys Home.” 

Brian took him to his first Razorback football game, ensured he had enough food, took him on shopping trips, to church and more.  

“I was taking Dre home from a ballgame and the foster mom came out to talk to me and told me the foster home was going to close.” said Nanci in the same NBC interview. “(She asked if) there was any chance that we could take him.” 

Early and Nanci made a crucial decision: they decided to foster Greenlaw and welcome him into their family. He moved in a few days before Christmas. 

He created a close bond with his sisters, telling NBC, “They made me realize what it means to be a big brother and the examples I have to set for them.” 

In 2018, he was adopted into the Early family, and after accepting a scholarship to play football at Arkansas College, he was drafted by the San Fransico 49ers in 2019 as a linebacker. Five years later, he has a son cheering him on as he goes to the Superbowl on Sunday, Feb. 11.  

An imperfect system creating life hardships is an evil argument for abortion. If the value of life was based on difficulty or unfairness due to circumstances, illnesses, or tragedies, life should cease to exist. Canada believes this with America not far behind (thankfully, there’s a push against that).  

Suppose that logic was applied to some of the greats in society, like Beethoven, who was deaf and suffered child abuse. Or take Nick Vujicic, born without limbs yet learned to swim, surf, and play golf, inspiring many with his speaking tours, documentaries, and TV shows. Hardships are a part of the human condition, and humans are capable of rising above it.

Using foster care to justify abortion has led to numerous deaths in America and has robbed communities of the joy, talents and love those lives could’ve brought. We know of Greenlaw’s story because he not only existed for starters, but because Brian and Nanci Early invested in him, encouraging him to overcome his past. 

Even amid the battle for foster care reform, there are still many stories of foster families making a difference and ways to support the foster care system.  

Not every child will be a star football player, pianist, or inspirational speaker, but adversity, no matter how big or small, shouldn’t be the end of the road. All life is valuable, and life’s trials are where building character can begin. In Greenlaw’s case, it’s a Super Bowl game and fathering his son.  

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