BREAKING NEWS: UPitt Denied Fetus Harvesting But New Footage at Planned Parenthood Suggests Otherwise 

Caroline Wharton - 12 Oct 2022

The University of Pittsburgh (UPitt) was in hot water in 2021 when it came out that their medical researchers were doing Frankenstein-like experiments with the scalps of aborted babies, but things cooled down when a white-washed investigation into the matter occurred — however, new evidence against UPitt has recently come to light, and it is shocking. Previously, UPitt had sworn under oath that it did not harvest aborted fetal organs from Planned Parenthood, but footage recently obtained by The Center for Medical Progress is suggesting otherwise. Here’s what you need to know:  

In a recent press release, The Center for Medical Progress released video footage of the UPitt-linked organ harvesting and tissue procurement company, the Center for Organ Recovery and Education (CORE), working at Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania’s abortion facility in the city — and it certainly looks as though CORE was harvesting fetal organs.  

Obtained through 40 Days for Life advocates who were on the sidewalk, the footage shows a car displaying the CORE logo in its window parked in the driveway of the Planned Parenthood facility. The car was parked next to the facility’s “bubble/buffer zone” (a marked area on the sidewalk meant to keep away pro-life advocates), and a man wearing an identification badge is carrying what appears to be specimen bags from the facility into a cooler inside the car.

Founder and president of The Center for Medical Progress David Daleiden was quoted in their press release on the footage, saying:  

“The University of Pittsburgh swore under oath that it did not harvest fetal organs from Planned Parenthood—so what is the University’s organ harvesting company doing parked at the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic with coolers? The lies from Pitt and Planned Parenthood must stop now and elected officials in Pennsylvania must demand the truth.” 

(Click HERE to read another SFLA blog about a woman who recently sued Planned Parenthood after her traumatic experience, claiming she thought she was going insane.)  

Students for Life Action (SFLAction) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) have been closely involved from the beginning in protesting and demanding humane justice in the UPitt investigation. In 2021, SFLA petitioned and rallied for Dr. Anthony Fauci to be fired as his office funded the aborted infant experimentation scandal at UPitt.  
SFLAction responded by exposing three incumbent legislators who voted incorrectly on a budget amendment that would have stripped the UPitt from receiving state funding until they ended their barbaric practice of fetal research on aborted babies.

SFLA also submitted comments at a UPitt Women’s Hospital Board of Directors meeting, stating: 

“The Pro-Life Generation demands an END to the barbaric human rights abuses being committed on born and preborn human children with the cooperation of the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC Magee-Women’s Hospital. 

“Hospitals exist to heal and preserve life, and yet Magee-Women’s Hospital has utterly betrayed that mandate of Hippocratic medicine by actively participating in the intentional and violent destruction of innocent human life by carrying out elective abortions. 

“And that is not even where the abuse ends. After killing these defenseless children, UPMC then colludes with researchers who can only be characterized as psychopathic to hand over the bodies of its abortion victims for gruesome experimentation. No ends can justify these means. There is no disease or scientific curiosity whose moral import outweighs the right of an innocent child to care and protection from harm.”  

SFLA will continue to demand justice and a proper investigation in UPitt’s organ harvesting collusion with Planned Parenthood; stay tuned to the blog for more updates on this story.  

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