How Much Money Does Planned Parenthood Need to Prop Up the Violence of Abortion? …How Much Ya Got?

Kristi Hamrick - 15 Sep 2022

An Adweek article titled “You Won’t Break Our Brand: Planned Parenthood’s Fight to Protect and Defend” hyping the nation’s largest abortion vendor caught our eye recently when Students for Life of America (SFLA) team members saw just how much money it takes to convince people that deadly elective abortion is GRRRREAT! (We also noticed their reluctance to be direct about WHAT they were protecting and defending.) 

Adweek gave Planned Parenthood an award as a “Brand Genius” … and maybe that’s true, as scrubbing your website for facts about ectopic pregnancy and generally causing problems for women while telling them they can’t go on if they have a family takes a lot of money, and they are genius at cashing checks … $1.7 BILLION according to their recently dumped annual report. 

But in these post-Roe days, in which one of their greatest lies – that abortion is “constitutional” – collapsed, the mega-death, mega-provider needed some new support for their sagging messaging.  

So, the organization whose biggest supporter is YOU – your tax dollars – got out your check book.  

After all, as ordinary Americans are hurting from explosive inflation, Planned Parenthood’s fund are ever increasing, thanks in part to their political friends. Consider that in another tone-deaf act, President Biden, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer HAD A PARTY on a day that we learned inflation up 8.3%. As they are all on the government dole, consumer pain isn’t theirs, and the pain of abortion is also not their problem … but is rather another marketing opportunity for bad ideas. (Still, it is getting harder to fool people … Pelosi had to demand that attendees at the comical “inflation busting” event clap at her applause line.) 

Surrounded with such bad news, what is an abortion vendor to do? Adweek reports: “In response to the SCOTUS leak, Planned Parenthood announced a $16 million paid media campaign — the first of its kind for the organization — to educate and increase urgency around the abortion access crisis facing the country.”  

Planned Parenthood Brand Genius

Putting that into perspective, SFLAction/SFLA is an $18 million dollar a year operation, bringing hope and a future, help and support nationwide, in all 50 states and more than 1,300 school campuses.  

Planned Parenthood will spend almost as much as we will to convince women that they are pathetic, unable to multitask, and in need of a dead baby … we will do the opposite. Spin and nonsense cost a lot of money but hope and a future is a long-term investment. Our bet is that at the end of the day, new generations will be able to debunk Planned Parenthood’s same old spin – it’s a sometimes-thankless job, but somebody has to do it.  

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