Your Sign to Come to the March Next Year  

Caroline Wharton - 02 Feb 2022
Guest Post by Lucy Gonzalez, Students for Life of America’s Missouri and Arkansas Regional Coordinator

GUEST POST: For many students, the National Pro-Life March is one of the biggest motivators to become more deeply involved in pro-life activism. I found this to be true when I attended my first March as a freshman in high school back in 2013. (Wow, time really does fly!) This year, I had the opportunity to attend my ninth National Pro-Life March, and it was more special than all of the previous Marches I have attended—because this was my first one as a Students for Life of America (SFLA) staff member!  

I was so thrilled to be involved in the March on a deeper level than ever before. Participating as a staff member really gave me the opportunity to see the huge scope of attendees. As I walked around handing out SFLA signs on the day of the March, I got to have multiple, meaningful conversations with pro-lifers from all over the country who were eager to show their respect for the preborn. I felt honored to represent this wonderful organization at the National March and at other exciting events on the surrounding days. 

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Of course, the most exciting event was the National Pro-Life Summit—which I attended for the first time this year. Every year, SFLA puts on this day-long, fun-packed, educational event which features key leaders in the pro-life movement from around the United States. It’s a day full of inspiration as hundreds of passionate pro-life students and adults come together to learn how to better serve the pro-life movement.  

One of the highlights of the Summit for me was hearing former Vice President Mike Pence speak. His vigor for the pro-life cause was infectious, and he encouraged the audience to keep up their good work because the young generations will be changing hearts and minds on the abortion issue for years to come. The Vice President was also eager to say that Roe will soon be reversed which was a helpful reminder for the crowd that our pro-life work matters immensely. Frankly, I could not agree with him more. Every little bit of pro-life love and effort can mean a world of difference to a preborn child and mother facing an unplanned pregnancy.  

My biggest takeaway, however, from attending both the National Pro-Life March and the National Pro-Life Summit is that the pro-life community is strong even when it doesn’t feel like it. As pro-lifers, we can often feel alienated by our culture—but coming to these events helps show that we are actually a huge, loving group that seeks to ensure that more of our brothers, sisters, children, classmates, and friends have the chance to come into this world. When you realize you share a common love for defending the lives of the preborn with so many others at events like these, you can easily realize that Roe will soon be heading into that ash heap of history.  

(Click HERE to read SFLA President Kristan Hawkins’ op-ed about this!)   

If you have ever questioned whether or not you should make the pilgrimage to the District of Columbia to attend the March and the Summit, let this be your sign to come join in and stand up for life—you won’t regret it!  

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