BREAKING: Texan Mother Forced Chemical Abortion Pills on Daughter; Abuse of Life-Ending Drugs Happens in the Home 

Caroline Wharton - 06 Apr 2023

The former slogan of the abortion lobby (“safe, easy, and rare”) definitely doesn’t apply to Chemical Abortion Pills as the drugs endanger women and account for more than half of all United States abortions — but ‘easy’ for abusers’ might actually be fair. Their evil purposes can be simply met through these deathly drugs; just ask the Texan mother who was recently arrested after force-feeding her pregnant daughter the deathly drugs.  

In late March in Loredo, Texas, Juana Idalia Sanchez was told by her 16-year-old daughter that she was pregnant — news that made her Sanchez extremely angry. She demanded that her daughter have an abortion, but when her daughter refused, reports suggest that she decided to take matters into her own hands.  

On April 2, her daughter told the police that after another fight about having an abortion, her mother chased her around the house, and she fell onto her stomach when running away from her. Sanchez pinned her to the ground and force-fed her Chemical Abortions Pills. (It’s unclear where Sanchez obtained the Chemical Abortion Pills as Texas law currently prohibits them, but illegal Chemical Abortion Pill networks were likely the culprit.) Thankfully, while the drugs had been shoved in her daughter’s mouth, she was able to spit them out.  

When police responded to the domestic disturbance, Sanchez was questioned and she admitted to pulling her daughter by the bra back into their house, as well as hitting and spanking her. Sanchez was consequently arrested on charges of assaulting a pregnant woman.  

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This incident is a sad demonstration of the horrific abuse of Chemical Abortion Pills and how even family members can misuse them against women — and many women didn’t have any idea at the time. As Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins pointed out in an op-ed at The Federalist, not everyone has the chance to spit these life-ending drugs out. Many are also deceived into taking them.  

She wrote, “Domestic abuse, a slippery, secretive form of violence in the home, remains difficult to solve in our society as victims are often manipulated into keeping their mistreatment to themselves, making the opportunity for justice near impossible. But what if victims didn’t even realize they were being abused? Unfortunately, this tilted power dynamic has become a reality through the abusers’ dream drug: chemical abortion pills.”  

Her article specifically highlighted another Texas woman whose water glass was spiked with the drugs by her husband, but Hawkins noted that it’s not an isolated incident.  

She continued, “Abusers in homes across the nation and worldwide have utilized chemical abortion pills in the same way that Herring allegedly did. The vehicle of disguise, however, does change. Women have had deadly abortion pills slipped into their tea, Starbucks, orange juice, yogurt, pancakes, sandwiches, and cereal. In another case, an abuser lied to his partner about what the life-ending drug was, saying it was an antibiotic. If it’s something a woman can ingest without suspicion, it can be used as a cover-up. Abusers aren’t picky — just as long as it kills their inconvenience.”  

This inconvenience can be a pregnancy as a result of sexual abuse — such as the Nebraska mother who forced her 12-year-old child to take Chemical Abortion Pills to cover up her stepfather’s pedophilic actions. Other times, the inconvenience can be a parent’s embarrassment or frustration at their child becoming pregnant, as we saw with Sanchez. It can also be married men attempting to hush up a pregnant mistress, as one U.K. official was recently charged.  

(Click HERE to read her full op-ed entitled “How The FDA’s Abortion Pill Mill Enables Domestic Abusers.”)  

Whatever the motive and whether it happens secretively or via physical force, the threat of domestic abusers using Chemical Abortion Pills is very real, and regardless of individual views on abortion, no one should support facilitating abuse. Yet this is exactly what we see happening with illegal Chemical Abortion Pill networks shipping out the drugs to anyone and their dog without legal retribution. It’s exactly what we see when the pills are handed out — albeit legally yet still stupidly — in student health centers.  

When will the abortion lobby wake up and see that throwing these pills around like candy is hurting women? Or is it that they are so hung up on abortion that they truly don’t care? With such strong evidence for why we must rein in Chemical Abortion Pills and their continuous refusal to do so, the latter sadly appears to be the case.  

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