In States Where We Protect Life, We Can’t Go Back — Every Child Deserves Our Defense 

Caroline Wharton - 05 Apr 2023

As pro-life victories continue to be won, the abortion lobby continues to threaten overturning our wins for life — and unfortunately, some in the pro-life movement are getting scared. Afraid that we’ll lose all ground, some have actually taken action to concede ground through exceptions to pro-life laws when our moral duty instead is to stand ground. We must not let go of those protections for the preborn unless they are ripped away from us — we certainly shouldn’t hand them over. These are real lives we’re talking about; each one is invaluable.  

Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins and Chief Creative Officer and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation Ryan Bomberger recently co-wrote an op-ed at Townhall on this topic entitled “No Child Should Be Left Behind—Especially In States Where the Least of These Are Now Protected.” They wrote:  

“Based on a message of fear-mongering and false dichotomy, legislators are pressured to support just a little abortion and not just by the abortion lobby. Proponents of the bills calling them “common ground” as welcoming abortion in cases of rape and incest, along with life-of-the-mother protections, would prohibit “all but five percent of abortions.” But give an inch and the abortion lobby will take a mile. And what about that inch? Who are we losing exactly? The five percent of children who will slip through the cracks will be people like us and our families.”  

Hawkins and Bomberger explain how, as a child conceived through rape, Bomberger is “forever grateful” his birth mother chose life; that he didn’t have to “pay for the sins of his father.” The authors write

“He is now a husband, father to four (two of whom were adopted), and an international speaker who works to spread the message that every human life has purpose. The circumstances of our existence should never determine our worth — whether that be the events of our conception or our race, sex, age, or economic status.”     

Hawkins also has a unique perspective as the mother to several children with genetic health conditions — including two cystic fibrosis warriors, Gunner and Gracie, and Maverick who struggles with muscle strength. Her sweet children require extra care because of these difficulties, and the authors explain

“The care which Kristan and her husband feel blessed to provide is part of the gift of their parenting. Their rambunctious, happy family of six wouldn’t be complete without them.    

The authors explain that it is people just like them and their families that are affected by exceptions to pro-life laws — and it is the opposite of the pro-life movement’s mission to pick and choose which lives to sacrifice in an attempt to placate the abortion lobby.  

They write, “Sacrificing the lives of some of our children and acting as though causalities cannot be helped in the battle is the wrong mindset, especially in places where we’ve already won life-saving protections.”  

To read Hawkins and Bomberger’s op-ed in it’s entirety at Townhall, click HERE.  

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