Catholic Schools Are Forgetting Their Pro-Life Values; The Pro-Life Gen Needs to Remind Them  

Caroline Wharton - 23 Dec 2022
Guest post by SFLA Christian Leadership Fellow & USM Students for Life President McKinzie Horsley

GUEST POST: The Students for Life of America (SFLA) group at the University of Saint Mary (USM) met early in the morning to fill their campus sidewalks with life-affirming and compassionate messages for National Pro-Life Chalk Day earlier this year. While all of the chalk messages were positive and loving towards other students and the preborn, both USM staff and students acted in a very pro-abortion manner as they washed the messages away — despite USM being a Catholic institution. Here’s what happened:  

At 6:30 a.m. on a Tuesday, the USM Students for Life members came together to chalk messages throughout the campus. The messages included “Adoption is an Option,” “Life Comes in All Sizes,” and “Women Need Love, Not Abortion.” Despite the group’s loving and care-centered intentions with chalking the messages, all messages removed from the sidewalks within just two hours of their appearance. 

Guest post by USM Students for Life Vice President Landry Murley

Both students and staff members emerged from the Learning Commons, carrying watering cans filled to the brim and Swiffer mops, and proceeded to scrub away the pro-life messages. This scene closely mirrored other biased efforts through social media and news platforms to censor and silence the pro-life message. Our stance is one of truth that many are knowingly quashing in favor of maintaining peace in the face of the loud and violent pro-abortion minority.   

It is sad that, despite being a nationally recognized Catholic institution, the University of Saint Mary has engaged in direct efforts to silence the pro-life message and therefore stand against the Catholic Church’s public stance on abortion. Not only this, but the school has violated the four core values the institution was founded on: community, justice, respect, and excellence. 

How many millions of preborn children are missing from our communities? Where is the justice for the preborn, the women, and the families whose desperate situations are taken advantage of by the abortion industry every day? Where is the respect for the freedom of speech of the pro-life movement at the University of Saint Mary? Where can excellence be found in promoting falsehoods over the revealed truth of God — that life is sacred and should be protected?   

We were astounded alongside our fellow group members to witness such angry acts against our loving and compassionate pro-life messages. To see our university cave to the angry outcries of a few loud voices instead of defending the preborn was a knife to the heart. Clearly, the University of Saint Mary favors secular teachings and viewpoints on the topic of abortion and is unashamed to make this stance clear to its faculty, staff, and students.  

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