The Votes Are In: Announcing the 2022 National Pro-Life Chalk Day Champs! 

Caroline Wharton - 01 Nov 2022

After a successful National Pro-Life Chalk Day and Students for Life of America (SFLA) picking our top ten favorite chalkings, the Pro-Life Generation has spoken — and our top three winners have been chosen! It was a close race, and in a demonstration that every vote matters, the award for first place was decided by a difference of eight votes. You know nominees are good when the race is that stiff, and without further ado, here are our 2022 Fall Chalk Day Champs:  

1. New Mexico State University  

Coming in at a well-deserved first place, some members of the SFLA group on this campus are clearly art students (or at least they could be) because this work of art done in chalk is so life-like. Surrounded by a circle of flowers and pro-life messages, including “Them Love Both,” these students drew a gorgeous picture of a happy mother beaming at the baby she is holding in her arms. The pose looks as though she has just thrown him playfully in the air and caught him. This group won a $100 Amazon gift card. Check out their work below: 

2. Kearney Catholic High School  

In a very close second place, the campus SFLA group at this high school decided to go whimsical and use a Dr. Seuss quote to remind their classmates that inside or outside the womb, your life is still valuable. They drew a preborn baby inside a Seuss-esque flower (with appropriate coloring to boot) and chalked the quote, “A person’s a person no matter how small.” This group won a $25 Amazon gift card and up to five free t-shirts from the SFLA Shop.  Check out their work below: 

3. North Dakota State University 

Last but certainly not least, this SFLA group won third place with a beautiful rendition of a baby which can be interpreted several different ways. How someone can take chalk and make it look like that is beyond us. The Pro-Life Generation is clearly talented. This group won a $15 Amazon gift card and up to three free t-shirts from the SFLA Shop. Check out their work below: 

SFLA is immensely proud of all our students who participated in National Pro-Life Chalk Day and all supporters who voted to decide who would win. We were also happy to note a large number of votes, indicating something positive for our future — clearly, the Pro-Life Generation isn’t afraid to have their voices heard through a vote!  

To see the list of the top ten chalk nominations, click HERE.  

To read about the top five losers of National Pro-Life Chalk Day, click HERE.  

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