The Abortion Lobby Cares More About Umbrellas Than Babies

Caroline Wharton - 08 Apr 2022
Guest post by Students for Life of America’s Campaign for Abortion Free Cities Community Organizer Mary Curtis

GUEST POST: The abortion lobby is riddled with hypocrisy, and some days, they let their phony flag fly a little higher than others. Students for Life of America (SFLA) recently witnessed their hypocrisy once again during a Campaign for Abortion Free Cities (CAFC) event where an abortion facility worker made an egregiously ironic comment. Here’s what happened:  

In Greenville, South Carolina, a SFLA alumni and CAFC community leader Hayden recently was out on the sidewalk of a local abortion facility, the Greenville Women’s Clinic, to offer abortion-seeking women life-affirming resources and encouragement to keep their baby. He was posted next to a Standing With You yard sign as the abortion facility has a long driveway, and local leaders in the pro-life movement use these signs to help better distinguish themselves to the women of Greenville as advocates for life who will not let them stand alone. Clearly, these signs are important for the group’s life-saving work.  

abortion facility escort

However, an escort from the abortion facility cunningly decided to place an umbrella in a manner which covered the signs, prohibiting their message from being read by those entering the facility. Seeing that the umbrella was covering up their signs—and their freedom of speech—Hayden gently picked up their sign from under the umbrella. His removal of their sign from under the umbrella caused the precariously placed umbrella to drop lightly to the ground.  

Apparently, his simple act of protecting the free speech of his group enraged the abortion facility escort who called Hayden a “piece of sh*t” and threatened him by saying, “If you break my umbrella, you’re going to jail.” The escort proceeded to call the police and demand that they investigate—but guess what? Upon reviewing the video footage of Hayden removing the sign from underneath the umbrella, the police determined he had not committed any crime. What a surprise!  

abortion facility escort

While it was ridiculous that the police were called over such a matter, the irony of the abortion facility escort’s comments cannot be overlooked. Outside of the facility, the abortion lobby jumps the gun to get the authorities involved over a broken umbrella (which wasn’t even broken), but inside of the abortion facility, they are literally breaking human beings apart and throwing them away. Why doesn’t the abortion lobby have the same concern for valuable, unique human beings as they have for replaceable, inanimate objects?  

SFLA applauds the bravery of Hayden and all other sidewalk advocates for making their voices heard even when the abortion lobby tries so desperately—and hypocritically— to silence them. Want to help, too? You can join the Campaign for Abortion Free Cities by clicking HERE.  

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