Free Speech Advocates Say “NO” to Teachers Censoring Pro-Life Movement

Caroline Wharton - 14 Mar 2022

In the abortion lobby’s war against the pro-life movement, the First Amendment is often conveniently forgotten and thrown out the window as they consistently try to curb pro-life speech. The abortion lobby makes the excuse that pro-life speech is “defamation” or “misinformation” and therefore should be suppressed—but Students for Life of America (SFLA) does not tolerate such unconstitutional suppression. That’s why we recently signed a letter calling out yet another instance of free speech violation against the pro-life movement. Here’s what it’s about:  

Why we joined the letter:  

SFLA President Kristan Hawkins and SFLA Chief Media and Policy Strategist Kristi Hamrick recently joined a letter written by the Media Research Center (MRC) addressed to governors across the United States in order to warn them about incoming censorship with the tech company NewsGuard. NewsGuard is an online censorship company which determines the credibility of websites and news sources, and the organization has recently partnered with the American Federation of Teachers. The purpose of their partnership is to censor materials and learning objectives within the classroom. However, although this company claims to be “transparent” and “accountable,” they are completely biased against pro-life beliefs.  

Actions speak louder than words, and NewsGuard’s work is clearly against life and for abortion. They have given unfavorable and unfair ratings to multiple pro-life organizations, pinging them simply as punishment for their respect for the sanctity of life. In contrast, pro-abortion companies are put on pedestals as beacons of truth. 

As an example, Planned Parenthood was given a 75/100 rating on credibility despite their website being riddled with half-truths, omissions, and abortion propaganda. For instance, Planned Parenthood’s website makes the claim that abortion does not cause depression or mental health issues and doesn’t increase the risk for breast cancer—but that’s just not what studies have found to be true. In fact, research shows that post-abortive women are 81% more likely to have subsequent mental health problems, including substance abuse, depression, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, etc. Additionally, further studies have found that abortions are linked to a higher risk of breast cancer. By denying these risks, Planned Parenthood is spreading misinformation about the safety of abortion.  

In contrast, LifeSite News, a pro-life news organization, was given a 17.5/100 rating. Ouch—and for what? Since when did working to protect human beings become something that needed to be censored? Also—last time we checked—the majority of American biologists agreed that life begins at conception. If anything, LifeSite follows “the science” while Planned Parenthood runs an a propaganda operation. Yet NewsGuard prefers the propaganda. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the abortion lobby try to silence us.  

Sadly, this happens all the time, and it happens across the nation. At the Texas Supreme Court, there is currently a case on the docket to decide whether pro-life activist Mark Dickson is legally allowed to speak out against the horrific injustice of abortion and the cruel abortion industry. In Indiana, a pro-life high schooler was barred from starting a pro-life club because it was deemed too controversial (click HERE to read how SFLA helped our student win that battle). Back in Washington D.C. in 2020, pro-life activists were even arrested for chalking pro-life messages —and their case is still in the appeals process. The cases of free speech violations for the pro-life movement go on and on.  

That’s why alerting our governors to this censorship is so important.  

Many may be unaware of this unfortunate union between NewsGuard and the American Federation of Teachers, and the exact purpose of the MRC letter is to enlighten state leaders to this dangerous alliance. We’re demanding that they take a stand against the indoctrination that would occur from this partnership. We do not want our vulnerable children to be inculcated by the abortion agenda, and we will not be silent when our First Amendment rights are being trampled on.  

The Pro-Life Generation needs to pitch in, too— by getting their legislators on the phone, shooting them an email, showing up to their office, or writing them a letter about this dangerous partnership. Get involved to get the word out, and make sure that the schools in your state are protecting freedom of speech for all. We can’t let the abortion lobby cut off our tongues in the educational system.  

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