Changing a Mind Only Takes a Conversation

Caroline Wharton - 11 Mar 2022

In a political climate where a simple comment can turn into an argument, it can be intimidating to engage in conversations about abortion. However, Students for Life of America (SFLA) Fellowship students take the challenge head on. Over the past year, SFLA fellows have had more than 120 quality conversations through engaging at events on their campuses, and SFLA Thaddeaus Stevens Fellow Makayla and her Maryland SFLA group were responsible for more than 15% of that number.  

Makayla hosted a tabling event on her high school campus with her group to educate students and staff on Heartbeat Bills. The group clarified what this legislation entails, what it doesn’t (debunking misconceptions), and how this legislation greatly helps preborn babies and women.  

Makayla set up their group’s table in front of the cafeteria to engage with her peers. Her SFLA group asked their fellow students what they knew about Heartbeat Bills. As students struggled to explain what Heartbeat Bills were, her group would explain that these bills not only help babies but also help women. Conversations weren’t just limited to Heartbeat Bills, either. After Makayla’s group talked with one student about fetal development, the student changed their stance on when life begins. They had come up to the table believing that life begins at birth and left believing the scientific truth that life begins at conception. The group had 20 conversations overall, and they changed two minds to become pro-life.  

Changing someone’s mind on abortion only takes the willingness to have a conversation with them about it. These conversations can take place at the store, at work, at church, or even in front of a high school cafeteria. Just one conversation can bring to light the truth behind the abortion issue and be the catalyst to start change in someone’s mind. 

On having these conversations, Makayla said, “It’s super easy and totally worth it. Standing up for life is more important than what people think about you or if they have a bad reaction.”  

Students for Life of America’s leadership programs help to develop students into courageous pro-life leaders like Makayla. If you are interested in joining a leadership program and gaining this same type of knowledge and confidence in the pro-life movement, click HERE to find out which fellowship program is right for you! Apply today; applications are due by March 31st, 2022.  

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