Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Applications Are Now Closed

SFLA Fellowship applications are open annually from January 1 - March 31.

Find a fellowship that fits you! Students for Life of America (SFLA) has SIX incredible year-long fellowships to help you grow as a pro-life leader throughout the academic year. While the programs look similar, each Fellowship has different requirements and focuses on a different area of leadership development.

All SFLA Fellows are members of the National Leaders Collective (NLC). All NLC leaders will be flown to Washington, D.C for a kick-off weekend of training the June before the Fellowship year begins.  Flights, housing, and meals will be covered by SFLA for NLC leaders only.  

What to Expect from All Fellowships

During the school year, Fellows will…

  • Attend the National Leaders Collective kick-off weekend in Washington, D.C. 
  • Learn what it takes to be a leader by reviewing various books and publications, participating in bi-weekly or monthly webcasts for discussion, and hearing from guest speaker lectures during these webcasts.
  • Apply the skills they learn to their campus pro-life groups by completing a project during the year, which is designed by the student to address their unique campus and community needs.
  • Receive mentorship from Fellowship director to complete their Fellowship project.
  • Receive mentorship from a National Mentor (a leader in a national pro-life organization) who will give advice on full-time work in the pro-life movement and help them complete their projects if they line up with their area of expertise.
  • Assist SFLA in its mission of recruiting and equipping the Pro-Life Generation.
Please Note:
  • All Fellows must attend program calls and complete a Fellowship project to graduate and receive the title of “SFLA Fellow” on their resumé. Fellows will work with their program director to successfully participate in their program.
  • The program will consume a few hours per week.
  • No financial stipends or pay is available.
  • Your travel and food during the National Leaders Collective will be covered.
  • Any additional meals in the airport or beyond the meal stipends are the Fellow's responsibility. *The meal stipend is usually more than enough.