Pro-Abortion Post-Roe Plans Are Nakedly Chemical Abortion

Caroline Wharton - 06 Dec 2021


The shocking spectacle of four pro-abortion women making a media circus out of taking what they said were Chemical Abortion Pills in front of the Supreme Court on the day that an historic abortion-related case was argued is yet another clue into the abortion lobby’s slimy and sneaky post-Dobbs/post-Roe strategy. The Washington Post reported later that the women were not really pregnant, only making a point about “’ushering in a new paradigm’ where people can end their pregnancies with a pill delivered directly to their mailbox.” On the doorstep of the Supreme Court, the abortion lobby openly showed their cards—and it’s not good.  



As Students for Life of America had been predicting for years, pushing Chemical Abortion Pills will become the new frontier of abortion, a business strategy that is moving from brick-and-mortar abortion vendors to online, no test, anonymous distribution. This concentration addresses the vast majority of Corporate abortion’s market as more than nine out of 10 abortions take place before 13 weeks of pregnancy, according to the CDC. Today, Chemical Abortion Pills are used to commit 54 % of abortions before 9 weeks. 

Corporate Abortion is getting ready to relaunch itself as online pill pushers. But you don’t have to believe us. Following the arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson, news organizations nationwide are reporting this. Here they are in their own words:  

The Associated Press wrote an article which reported that the Dobbs v. Jackson case has “set off a flurry of activity concerning medicinal abortions.” The organization quoted Elizabeth Nash, a spokesperson from the rabidly pro-abortion think tank established by Planned Parenthood, the Guttmacher Institute, saying, “Medicinal abortions will be very high on the agenda. This is the new frontier.”  



At NBC News, an article reported that pro-abortion supporters are trying different avenues for abortion access when restricted. One of those avenues includes chemical abortion, of course. The article reports that these pro-abortion supporters are attempting to teach women “about self-managed abortions, which involve taking prescription medications either at a clinic or at home.” The abortion lobby prefers to call chemical abortions “self-managed abortions” for a false, women’s empowerment feel.  

At Jezebel, an article was published with the seasonal headline, “All I Want for Christmas is to Free the Abortion Pill.” The reporter writes, “So while you may be considering buying me a nice scented candle for Christmas, I’ll tell you what I really want this year: Just free the f*cking abortion pill. We’ve had enough of this sh*t.”  

The reporter concludes the article by writing that “[Making abortion pills easily accessible] would be an important incremental step forward in the project of making abortion more available and integrated alongside other normal and common parts of medical care.”  



The New York Times called chemical abortions “relatively safe and difficult-to-police home alternative to clinics.” (Click here to learn how new research shows chemical abortions are NOT safe.) The NYT credits the internet with the ability to make it easier for women to find and order “black-market pills that can safely and effectively end pregnancy up to 10 weeks.” Yes, black market and back-alley abortions are being lauded by the New York Times.  

The Washington Post, in an opinion piece by their columnist Petula Dvorak, insinuated the pro-life people don’t really care about others in advocating for more deaths by abortion. But she celebrated an expanded abortion market through Chemical Abortion pills, writing, “The abortion pill has changed the need for clinics and doctors in the early stages of pregnancy and, thanks to the coronavirus, is available in every state by mail.” 



SFLA has been sounding the alarm on chemical abortions for some time. Now that the abortion lobby has openly and unabashedly shared their post-Roe plans for chemical abortion, there is no room for doubts. Chemical abortion is their newest weapon; it’s sneaky and secretive, just what the abortion industry likes.  

The Pro-Life Generation needs to be on the guard against chemical abortion. We cannot offer sidewalk prayers or counsel to women who choose to end the life of their child from their home—and that is exactly what the abortion industry wants.  

To learn more about chemical abortion, click HERE 




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