Chemical Abortion is the New Back Alley Abortion

Brenna Lewis - 22 Oct 2021


The Abortion Lobby will not let their suffocating hold on Texas go, no matter who is hurt in the process. In the wake of recent legislation in Texas, including S.B. 8, otherwise known as the ‘Heartbeat Bill,’ Texas has become both a beacon of hope and an example for the pro-life movement.

Thousands of preborn lives have and will continue to be saved by these laws- and that’s really ticking off abortion supporters. Angry, desperate, and scrambling to find some avenue to abort Texas children, the abortion industry has yet again sacrificed women’s welfare on the dark altar of abortion; this time, through international, chemical methods.

A recent article in Mother Jones reported that pro-abortion groups are encouraging Texas women to cross the Mexican border for chemical abortions.

Even when a woman is under “observation” by an abortionist after taking chemical abortion pills, she still has many dangerous risks to her own health (on top of the death of her preborn child.) Yet, these risks are multiplied when a woman takes chemical abortion pills alone, unsupervised, and without the knowledge to know when something is medically wrong.

In an effort to look better, the abortion industry primps and powders chemical abortions, calling them “self-managed, at-home, or DIY” abortions.” Instead, what they have disguised as empowerment is really the newest back-alley abortion.

How exactly are chemical abortions back-alley abortions?

As the Abortion Lobby rallies for medical professionals to be taken out of the equation, women are put in charge of ending their babies’ lives themselves through at home methods. This leaves women alone, scared that what they are doing will harm them, unable to know if it does, and feeling as though they have no other options.

The whole reason there was some level of support across the country for Roe v. Wade in 1973 is because they argued that “women were dying in unsupervised or back alley abortions.”  People were doing them at home, they claimed. Neither was true but that’s how they managed to legalize abortion-on-demand.

The safest place for women, if there is such a thing when dealing with these highly potent drugs, is with actual doctors. But now, they want to go back home and deliberately keep doctors out of the picture. Abortion is worshipped so unequivocally that women’s health and safety takes a back seat to it.

Does that sound familiar? Images of wire coat hangers should come to mind. They’ve basically reverse engineered back alley abortion. Yet it isn’t quite a full 360-change by the abortion industry. The abortion industry didn’t change their mind about the necessity of medical professionals; it just wants to play both sides and win.

Complications of chemical abortions can lead to death; yet, women do not even know how to diagnose themselves if they begin experiencing dangerous symptoms. After all, chemical abortions cause intense pain and hemorrhaging even if done “correctly;” how is a woman to know when too much is too much? The idea that taking these chemical abortion pills at home is safe is completely illogical.

The absurdity of abortion proponents’ encouragement of at-home abortion methods should be duly noted, as well. In the same breath in which abortion supporters fight for abortion facilities to stay open because women “need” abortion facilities, the movement also casts aside the necessity of any medical professional at all when selling chemical abortions.

This is a power play for abortion dominance.

The abortion industry doesn’t care about women’s health and safety: it only cares about abortion. The more preborn children who can be killed, the more money the abortion industry makes. And, that’s always what the abortion industry has been fighting for, right?

As abortion activists and the abortion industry call for Texas women to cross the border and experiment on themselves with abortifacient drugs, the Pro-Life Generation stands as a resource for pregnant women. Students for Life of America offers many different aids to women who are pregnant and scared through our Standing with You Initiative. Women can receive help with their healthcare, counseling, clothing/food assistance, housing, childcare, insurance, adoption, education financing, and so much more.

Instead of leaving our pregnant Texan women alone, scared, and in danger, the Pro-Life Generation cares for them. Meanwhile, the abortion industry is finding new and creative ways to hurt them and profit.

To learn more about chemical abortion, click HERE.

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