Walgreens and CVS Aren’t the Only Ones: College Students Jump Onboard the Chemical Abortion Pill Train

Jordan Estabrook - 05 Mar 2024

Chemical Abortion Pills aren’t just coming to the local Walgreens and CVS, but to college campuses as well. The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign has a student government ballot referendum to provide Chemical Abortion Pills on campus as if homework and classes aren’t stressful enough.  

Students for Life’s Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator Shawna Weber, alongside Northern Regional Manager Tom Usle, worked in tandem with the pro-life group WeDignify to counter this abortion pill initiative. The Student Council sponsored the referendum on the ballot, proposing that “on-campus healthcare centers provide FDA-approved medication abortion pills.”  

UIUC students had their chance to vote on this referendum along with the Student Council executive board nominations on the ballot, which was open Tuesday, Feb. 27, through Thursday, Feb. 29. The unofficial results will be released Friday, March 8, by 5 p.m., with the official results released Friday, March 22. Sadly, it indicated that 74.7% of the student population agreed with the following statement:

“Would you support on-campus healthcare centers providing FDA-approved medication abortion
pills to alleviate the barriers students frequently encounter when seeking pregnancy termination

While it’s unclear what the future holds for UIUC, it’s clear that many students are uninformed of the dangers of Chemical Abortion Pills.

The dangerous Chemical Abortion Pill cartels are invading our drugstores, street corners, the internet, and now college campuses. They won’t do it without SFLA having something to say. 

With less than 24 hours of coordination, Students for Life acted quickly. They handed out flyers against the referendum, provided students with literature on the dangers of Chemical Abortion Pills, and information on the Abortion Pill Reversal

Upon investigation, SFLA found that the student insurance policy covers abortion. When inquiring whether students may reject paying for abortion coverage, the Student Health Insurance Department could not be reached for comment. When asked whether pregnancy resources were provided, the McKinley Health Center couldn’t be reached for comment.  

The abortion industry sells the narrative that a child will inhibit a woman’s education and that her education is more important than a child’s life. SFLA disagrees. Abortion has held women hostage for years in the way of feminism. They are told they need an abortion to succeed.  

Nothing could be further from the truth. Abortion leaves women devastated – emotionally broken and physically damaged. Success in motherhood and career can go hand in hand. With 3,000 pregnancy resources nationwide and the drive and encouragement to succeed, anything is possible. With a degree in one arm and her baby in the other, Jessica graduated from Fresno State University after leaving Planned Parenthood and choosing life. She graduated with a 4.1 GPA, studied abroad for 11 days, and was accepted into the Speech Pathology Master’s Program.  

Colleges should help women get degrees, not abortions. They need to know their rights and resources as parents, not where the nearby Chemical Abortion Pill provider is. It’s not too late to let them know. 

Upper Midwest Regional Coordinator Shawna Weber standing next to an Abortion Pill Reversal promotion.

To learn more about the Chemical Abortion Pills, check out This Is Chemical Abortion | Stop Chemical Abortion and Standing With You | Pregnancy Resources Near You for pregnancy resources.  

Northern Regional Manager Tom Usle next to Standing With You promotion on campus.

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