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Reminder for the Abortion Lobby & Michael Hugo: People of All Physical & Mental Capacities Are Equally Valuable

Caroline Wharton - 08 Mar 2023

When the news came out that Massachusetts Democratic official Michael Hugo had opposed pregnancy resource centers because more children with special needs may be born on account of them, a firestorm grew in the media over his discriminatory comments. Students for Life of America (SFLA) President Kristan Hawkins rightfully called the situation a “Democrat saying the quiet part out loud,” as his remark highlights the hidden acceptance of eugenics by the abortion lobby, despite their claims of inclusivity.  

SFLA Student Spokesperson Anna Young recently published a Daily Wire op-ed on this topic entitled “My Special Needs Brother Isn’t A Budget Constraint. He’s A Blessing,” calling out Hugo’s ableism which is shared by many in the abortion lobby.  

She wrote, “When Hugo began his comments by criticizing the life-saving work of pregnancy resource centers (PRCs), he doubted the integrity of PRC sonographers by claiming they would misdiagnose defects by “proclaiming that it is a beautiful child living inside the mother.” My own little brother, Nicholas, was a beautiful child living inside my mother when she received news of a fetal abnormality at a 37-week ultrasound.”  

To Young’s point, why is a child with special needs not a beautiful child to the abortion lobby?  

This is because abortion supporters have abandoned the respect for life; the belief that life itself is valuable no matter the circumstances. Instead, for the abortion lobby, life must be convenient for those nurturing it — meaning if a baby comes unexpectedly, abortion may be chosen because ‘the time wasn’t right.’ If the baby comes as a boy, abortion may be chosen because ‘they wanted a girl’ (cough, cough Paris Hilton). And if a baby comes with a fetal diagnosis, abortion may also be chosen because the child is labelled ‘too expensive’ or ‘too time-consuming.’ 

Anna & Nicholas Young

The pro-life movement recognizes the value in each and every life, regardless of circumstances of conception, race, sex, age, and mental or physical capacity — but somehow, the media tries to paint us as the bad guys. How can the extreme discrimination of the abortion lobby be ignored?  

Young continued, “Democrats like Hugo need to get their facts straight. They cannot be the party of diversity while supporting the eradication of minority groups through eugenics. They cannot be the party of equality while discriminating against special needs students because of expenses. They cannot be the party of inclusion when they directly and intentionally exclude an entire group of human beings — the pre-born — from the fundamental and constitutional right to life.”  

To read Young’s op-ed in its entirety at the Daily Wire, click HERE.  

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